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Robert Ouko’s brother dies in US




Eston Barack Mbaja, the younger brother of the Late Minister of Foreign Affairs, Robert Ouko, has died aged 79.

Mbaja’s brother, Maurice Seda, said that Barack died on Monday, August 17 while receiving treatment at a United States of America (USA) hospital.

“His wife and children, who live with him in the US, took him to hospital last week after he suffered a stroke,” said Seda, adding: “Sadly, my brother succumbed to the stroke yesterday (Monday, August 17).”

“Plans are underway to have his body flown to Kenya for burial. He will be laid to rest in Nyahera, Kisumu West Sub-County.”

Mbaja, who is survived by a wife and four children, lived in Tacoma, a mid-sized urban port city and the county seat of Pierce County, Washington.

In previous interviews, Mbaja claimed he knew who killed John Robert Ouko, whose mutilated body was found on February 16, 1990 at the foot of Got Alila, 2.8 kilometers from Ouko’s ancestral home in Muhoroni, Kisumu County.

Mbaja said — in the past interviews — that Ouko hurriedly scrawled a note saying he was being taken to see high government officials, including one he had accused of corruption, as a last act before he was found brutally murdered.

Mbaja said Ouko’s note said that on February 13, 1990, four men had come to take him to then-Energy Minister Nicholas Biwott and Hezekiah Oyugi, who was the permanent secretary for state internal security in the office of President Daniel arap Moi.

″That was the last time my brother was seen alive until the president announced that his body was discovered a few kilometers from his home, shot and burned beyond recognition,” Mbaja said in a sworn affidavit submitted to a judicial commission in Kenya. The affidavit which has not been made public in Kenya.

Ouko’s scorched, mutilated body was found near his farm at the foot of Got Alila three days later.

Although Moi enlisted Britain’s Scotland Yard to investigate the murder, the former Foreign Affairs minister’s killing remains unresolved to date.

Mbaja, in an interview about the affidavit from his Tacoma home where he lived after fleeing Kenya, said he believed Biwott and Oyugi were involved in his brother’s murder, although did not have direct proof. He swore in the affidavit that Oyugi was involved in a cover-up effort.

In the interview, Mbaja also accused the president of failing to seriously investigate the killing.

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Likoni floating bridge to be ready in 6 weeks – KeNHA 




Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) will complete the Likoni floating bridge by mid-November.

KeNHA said in a communique that all the steel material structures have been assembled, making it possible for the works to be completed ahead of time, KeNHA Director General Peter Mundinia confirmed the new forecast.

“We will complete the floating bridge construction ahead of schedule”, Mundinia said.

He said it was the mission and vision of KeNHA to move ahead of schedule, adding that their projects are enablers of the economy hence the need for quick turnaroune.

Mundinia said the Nairobi Expressway was progressing well and will also be completed ahead of schedule.

The Director-General said local engineers had been offered subcontracts as part of the Presidential directive to generate employment to locals.

“HE the President has issued directives on youth and professional engagements in the project which we are fully adhering to,” Engineer Mundinia said.

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Nyashinski speaks on life in US as truck driver 




Kenyan rapper Nyashinski has recalled how he had it tough after he quit music and his family relocated to the United States of America.

During a sit-down with Nairobi County Senator Johnson Sakaja, the Tuendelee Tusiendelee rapper revealed that he quit music to become a truck driver something that was hectic and lonely as most of the time he was on the road for long hours, with only a few minutes to interact with people.

“Nilikuwa nishaachana na ngoma…2006 mpaka 2016 (10 years). Nilienda Steto na nilikuwa naendesha Lorry…nilikuwa naendesha Lorry nikitry ku-survive juu tuli-relocate wote as a family.

“The first two years I was in Delaware, alafu the last 8 years nikahamia Michigan. Hiyo experience ilikuwa noma na nili-learn nayo vitu mob. Kuna vitu mbili zenye zilihappen zenye naonanga ni life changing,” he said.

He disclosed that before he moved with his family to the USA he was already a shining star in the Kenyan music scene as he was doing what he loves.

He added that he went from being a star to a normal person who had to work hard to put food on the table as there were no favors in the US as no one knew him.

“Before nitoke hapa nilikuwa a star. Tulikuwa maceleb and we were doing what we Love. So you come from being a star, getting a bit of favors here and there to a place where no one knows you, hakuna special treatment, Lazima uwork, kama huwork haukuli na labda si kazi unapenda necessarily,” added Nyashinski.

He explained that long-distance driving was lonely as he only had 10 to 15 minutes of interacting with people.

However, he added that he always wanted to live a normal life and that was the good side of relocating to the United States of America.

The rapper and his wife Zia Bett were recently welcomed their firstborn child whom he revealed is a boy.

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DP Ruto hits at Raila, Atwoli in lengthy social media post 




Deputy President William Ruto retaliated after Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga accused him of opposing the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report which is said to be aiming at bringing all Kenyans together.

In a statement, the DP accused Raila Odinga of being the beneficiary tribalism and poverty in the country adding that he was mad that the hustlers (his supporters) had had enough of his games.

“The lords of tribalism and poverty who are masters or beneficiaries of political violence are very mad at the unbowed hustler’s movement. Why? The hustlers have refused the tribe configuration and instead, they want a conversation on their individual hustles which are tribeless.

“Tribe has been hijacked by tribal chiefs to benefit themselves and their families to the detriment of hustlers and their children. And enough is enough,” he wrote.

He added that Kenyans were yearning for empowerment and not power and positions of the mighty.

He accused Raila Odinga of being the leader of the ethnic division with no respect of rule of law and democratic election outcomes.

He further added that he had a track record of chaos and anarchy and was re-introducing himself with the BBI report.

“The hustlers, as a minimum, want a nee conversation. Not about anyone’s tribe but about the hustles of each one of us. Not about power but about empowerment. Not about positions for the mighty but about jobs for the ordinary. Surely, that is not too much to ask! Is it?”

“But instead, known ethnic chieftains, with no respect for rule of law or democratic election outcomes, complete with track records of chaos and anarchy, are at it again. This time with the BBI. Threatening confrontation with anyone with an alternative or contrary opinion to theirs,” he added.

Ruto’s statement comes after Raila Odinga hinted that the BBI report was “around the corner”.

He went to claim that the DP was a “voice of impunity that thrives in corruption and outright lies”.

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