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Some of my friends wished me death – Burale




After recovering from coronavirus, celebrity pastor Robert Burale has disclosed how some of his close friends wished he had succumbed.

In an interview with Jalas on YouTube, an emotional Burale said he has since lost friends. He noted that while he was not bothered by people who claimed he was faking contracting the deadly virus, he was hurt by comments from close friends.

“I got some screenshots while in hospital and I wasn’t hurt by what they were saying but some people who spoke,” he said, adding: “People you’ve invited for dinner, people who stood with me and then went and wrote ‘I can’t wait to wake up to ‘RIP Burale’.”

The image consultant who also doubles up as a motivational speaker said he had picked some valuable lessons from the experience; he learnt to reduce the number of seats at his dinner table because he no longer has time for dilute friendships.

“I will tell you one thing if you think you have five friends, I will advice you to go to the hospital and get checked,” he said.

“My burden was heavy. It is only by the grace of God I walked out healthy both physically and mentally,” he said.

Robert Burale also advised his host Jalango to be wary of the people close to him as some are there because of his platform.

“Today if your platform is taken away from you, no one will remember you. People sit with you but not to support you but to look for ways to hurt you,” he said.

The preacher also addressed claims that he conned actress Nini Wacera off Sh250,000, money she had saved to buy a car.

Burale said he has never been a car dealer.

“I haven’t seen her for like 12/13 years…I cannot deny that I knew her, she was my friend and it disappointed me when all people were concentrating on some quarters, ati ooh, she wanted to have sex with me (I think she said something like that). Let’s keep the main thing the main thing. We didn’t have sex…but again I wasn’t born again then.

“It is us who know what happened, there is a lot I would say but just because I have been on the receiving end of people saying things in your absence, that you cannot defend yourself or maybe explain. It will also be foolish of me to say some things and somebody is not here to defend themselves. One thing you have to understand and hear me, I don’t live in Qatar, I live in Nairobi and if somebody wants to look for me, where am I hiding?”

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Kimunya hits at Maraga over Parliament dissolution




National Assembly Majority Leader Amos Kimunya has accused Chief Justice David Maraga of creating chaos in the country with his advisory to President Uhuru Kenyatta on dissolving the Parliament.

Kimunya said Maraga made advisory just a week after he appeared before a House committee that apparently annoyed him by insisting he should be prepared to leave office soon.

Speaking to K24 on Sunday, September 27, Kimunya said Maraga appeared before the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee on the September 14 and a week later, he issued the advisory “as an act of self-preservation”.

“This advisory was not done in good faith. It was an act of self-preservation,” he said.

The majority leader also added that the CJ was fully aware that the House had started the process of passing the law allowing for the representation of the marginalised groups including women.

He said there was a matter pending in court also linked to the law and said it was shady that Maraga did not wait for the court case to be determined but thought it was better the Parliament to be dissolved.

In his letter to the president, Maraga said the National Assembly and the Senate had failed to enact legislation required to implement the gender rule for nine years.

He said the dissolution of Parliament under Article 261(7) needed to be enforced to compel the political elite to fully adhere to the 2010 Constitution.

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Bungoma man who hung onto a helicopter dies




Bungoma’s ‘James Bond’, the man who made headlines when he hung onto a chopper that was ferrying the body of fallen businessman Jacob Juma, has died.

The man, identified as Saleh Wanjala, died at the Bungoma County Referral Hospital on Monday, September 28, 2020.

Family members confirmed that ‘Bond’ was found unconscious and then taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The man will be remembered for his dare-devil stunt when he was filmed in 2016 hanging onto a chopper for over 2km in a manner reminiscent of James Bond, the famous British movie spy.

After the chopper incident, he was arrested and arraigned but released thereafter.

His body was taken to Bungoma County Referral Hospital mortuary.

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Ruto skips COVID-19 conference despite invitation 




Deputy President William Ruto on Monday, September 28, failed to attend the Covid-19 conference hosted at the KICC.

The official programme indicated that Ruto was expected to speak after former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and welcome Uhuru to issue his speech.

Kanze Dena confirmed that Ruto was invited to the conference but was a no-show when it commenced at around 2 p.m.

Ruto’s Deputy Director of Communications Emmanuel Talam, however, raised questions about the Deputy President being invited to the conference.

However, Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa said the DP had a meeting planned with European Union delegates.

“He had a very important meeting which took longer than expected. It is not necessary that he has to attend the conference because he is the assistant to the President so when Uhuru is attending, he does not necessarily have to attend.

“He was meeting EU delegates in Karen to unlock the deadlock of global funds brought about by the Covid-19 millionaires Exposé so that the country can resume receiving the funding,” explained Barasa.

Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga on her side insisted that Ruto was not invited to the conference.

“When planning for COVID-19 response mechanisms they neither invited Ruto nor did they offer him a seat.

“After messing up and they need someone articulate they offered him a seat at the National Covid-19 conference. And you expected him to attend? NEVER!” she noted.

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