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The FIVE levels of Optiven properties as at August 2020



Here at Optiven, we usually have FIVE Levels of properties.

Each level has its set of value additions.

The levels are also based on location, proximity to infrastructure. Market prices are thus based on these factors.

This ensures that we cater for low, middle and high end customers. Just start at your level as life is about step by step

Here are Optiven property Levels:

1. Plots that are Bare: They do not have any value additions on them at all. Their price range from Kshs. 195, 000 per plot to 675,000 per plot.

These are projects like Sifa Gardens, Hekima Gardens, favour Gardens, Hope Gardens in Kajiado
Price tag Kshs. 675,000 per plot

(Read more about Hope Gardens here: and Favour Gardens in Kajiado.

2. Limited Value Added Plots: These plots have graded roads, fence with barbed wire, power not too far and there is scarce settlement. Examples are Rafiki Gardens along Kangundo Rd. @ Kshs. 695, 000 per plot ) – Read more about Rafiki Gardens here: and Peace Gardens in Nyeri

@ Kshs. 695, 000 per plot (this is only 500 meters off Tarmac)

3. Standard Value Added Plots (Medium Value Added Plots): On this properties; we do murrum roads, Water on site, elevated water tanks, fence by Mesh and care taker on site. Examples are:

Shekinah Gardens in Kajiado Township

Price tag Kshs. 750, 000

– this project is only 900 meters off Namanga highway.

Watch more about Shekinah here:

Shalom Gardens in Machakos

Price Tag@ 1,295, 000,

Shalom Gardens Phase 2 Value Add Ons

Garden of Joy in Machakos

Price tag 1.295M per plot.

Garden of Joy – Machakos County

Watch more about Garden of Joy here:

4. High level Value Additions:

Price Tag: Kshs 2,295,000

We do fruits parks, playing fields, elevated water tower, piped water to every plot, we plant hundreds of trees, drainages done, power, house designs and gated community with manned security, community regulations, Home owners Association and a care taker. Example is Victory Gardens Phase Three, Four & Five.

Victory Gardens Phase 3, 4 & 5 taking a new Positive Twist

Watch more about Victory Gardens here:

5. Super Prime Value Addition:

Price range: Kshs. 4.5m to 10.2m (determined by size of Plot)

This is where we do cabro internal roads, provision of club house, very high end entry gate, stone wall, laser wire, CCTV, water Fountain, high end Steel Galvanized 15 meter high 100, 000 liters elevated tank, Orchards, green public parks, house designs, appointed Architect, registered community regulations by the county government, Home owners association, Uniformed Security guards. Two caretakers on site. Example is
Amani Ridge the Place of Peace in Kiambu.

Amani Ridge the Place of Peace – Kiambu

Watch this video on architectural projections of Amani Ridge the Place of Peace:

Would you wish to own any of these properties? Get in touch with Optiven Today:

Contact Optiven Group: +254 708 459 336 Email: Website: George Wachiuri Blog: YouTube:

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Our Thrilling Two Hours Tour at Victory Gardens Phase 3, 4 & 5 on the 18th of September 2020



It was a very electrifying afternoon as we mentored our social media followers on how to build positive and remarkable relationships.

We touched on various life issues including how to laugh with a confident and deliberate abandonment, how to build extraordinarily positive relationships in families, workplaces, with God and in our social lives.

We also spared a cool 30 minutes to point at plot beacons for our customers, showing them how trees at this gated community are flourishing plus showing customers how Optiven has done the drainages.

Oh! We even had great fun crawling through one of the drainage culvert, which easily accommodated Optiven Team Leader as he easily crept to the other end. You can catch up with the Facebook Live here: (

You can also catch up with the entire episode on You Tube right here:

What’s more, we prayed and prophesied for more customers to start building their dream homes in this gated community; to live victorious, joyfully and peacefully, in this extraordinary project that is located at the heart on Kitengela in Nairobi Metropolis.

If you want to join this remarkable and amazing project or to refer someone, just get in touch with us today. (Every person who refers someone will be mentioned on our next show)

*Call us now on: 0790 300 300 or 0723 400 500
Visit our website:*

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Shekinah Gardens Gets Surprise Bonus Value Additions



Optiven Engineers have now camped at Shekinah Gardens to start the fencing of the entire property (concrete poles & wire mesh). The concrete poles will be painted green as a sign of customer’s prosperity.

What’s more, Optiven has entered into a contract with Weberworks to do the construction of a 15 meters tall water tower that will be holding 40, 000 liters at a go.

This additional Value Additions will allow customers to experience Value for their properties as it was not part of the initial promise, but as an additional token of love to our Shekinah Gardens customers.

In addition, the roads will be spruced up to make this project the very best in Kajiado Township.

The project is located only 1 Mile from Kajiado Town and less than 0.5 m from the Highway

If you want to join the Shekinah family 👪

Call us on: 0790300300 or 0723400500

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PHOTO: What was happening Today at Amani Ridge the Place of Peace



We thank God for the ongoing works at Amani Ridge the Place of Peace in Kiambu.

Today we were focused on the following works:

1. Cabro laying ongoing. (Cutting in progress)

2. Wall of Knowledge column and coping concrete in progress.

Do you want to join this Family 👪 of untold peace?

Commit today before change of price by 20% by the end of this month (12 days to go)

What was happening Today at Amani Ridge the Place of Peace

Call us on: 0790300300 or 0723400500

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