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VIDEO: Obado’s daughter flashes the middle finger and Kenyans can’t cope



A woman believed to be one of Governor Okoth Obado’s daughter courted controversy on social media after she was caught on camera flipping the middle finger to photojournalists.

The embattled Migori governor and his four children were arrested Wednesday at the EACC offices in Kisii and transferred to Nairobi where they were arraigned on graft charges.

After being grilled at the EACC in Kisii, and as they were being led to a vehicle for transportation to Nairobi, one of Obado’s daughter flashed her middle finger.

The moment was caught on camera and shared widely on social media as a section of Kenyans took offence at the woman’s gesture.



While it was not possible to establish whether it was Susan Scarlet Okoth or Adhiambo Evelyn Okoth who showed the middle finger, NairobiWire managed to unearth the identity of Susan on social media, who goes by @okothsr on Instagram.

In one of her posts, Susan celebrated her father, writing: “Appreciating the men who made us who we are, picked us up no matter how many times we fell down. Who fought to ensure we got all we needed. Those who are our strongest supporters and biggest critics. The strength and resilience combined with the softest of hearts. To all those men who saw our disappointments even before we knew what they were. I salute you all.”

Obado’s children Achola Dan Okoth, Susan Scarlet Okoth, Jerry Zachary Okoth, and Adhiambo Evelyn Okoth reportedly received Sh38.9 million out of the Sh73 million stolen from county coffers.

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An audit trail revealed that Sh34, 524, 000 was used to purchase a house in Loresho Ridge whose beneficial owner is Evelyn Adhiambo Okoth.

Achola Dan Okoth allegedly received Sh11.3 million, Susan Scarlet Akoth Sh1.9 million and Jerry Zachary Okoth Sh2.3 million.

Obado and his children on Thursday denied 28 counts related to misappropriation of funds belonging to the county and were remanded until August 31, when the bail ruling will be delivered.

On social media, netizens bashed Obado’s daughter and we have sampled some of the reactions below.


-Nairobi wire

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A very pregnant Grace Msalame and daughters show off their dancing skills in new catchy video



Grace Msalame might be in her 39th week of pregnancy but don’t be fooled. This particular lady can dance better than most slay queens parading their half danced bodies on social media.

Well, we found out about Msalame’s dancing skills through a video shared on her page. The lady who is seen rocking quite a huge baby bump went on to shake her body; and what made the video more cute is the fact that she was joined by her twin daughters.

Judging from how the girls moved, it’s obvious to see that the dancing skills run in the family; and the fact that they also look everything like their mummy – gave fans another reason to talk!

39 weeks and still strong

From how sexy the pregnant mama looks, one wouldn’t tell that she is just a few days from popping! This comes as a big surprise considering the fact that most pregnant women tend to be lazy days before having the baby.

Well, Grace Msalame is definitely not one of them and the video says it all!

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Usicheze na designers! Mammito speaks after wardrobe malfunction



Comedian Mammito Eunice has responded to trolls, who criticised her dress code on her birthday dinner.

Mammito, who’s Eddie Butita’s girlfriend wore a long red dress but her fans weren’t happy.

They criticised her stylist, with some advising her to ditch them.

Mammito Eunice

Well, responding to fashion cops, she wrote,

Ati kuna ma ding’oing’o hawapendi hii dress 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Guess what nitaivaa tena

Her fans commented on her post and still insisted that she shouldn’t wear the dress again.

Check out their reactions;

wi.nfred Honestly your designer should be arrested.

vybianaciiko “Kwedaa wewee… ni kabayaa” (in teacher wanjiku’s voice)🙈🤣😂🤣.

njambi_wa_chege Accept positive criticism…hio dress ni mbaya tu.

ruth_njeri But they are telling the truth 🙌take it and fire your designer.

_m.u.s.i.e.g.a Woiye usivae tena😂 wachana nayo tu😂

tinahbulah2 Sawa unaezavaa tena na tena but ukilala😂

eddah.wanjiru I noticed but I thought ni ile yako ya kuact mama Fulani hivi. If for real. It was a serious one…….. Wacha niache tu

lizgathu We love you we hate the dress …… inakaa ya watu wa ushago, you’re way classier

nandiekweya unakaa prophets wa church fulani😂

rachezshiz It’s horrible I was wondering if it was your jokes or it’s really you on your true birthday 🙈🙈

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jade_bobographer Hii ni situation ya ‘What you order verses What you get’ 🤣

maryancemwaura Ungeandika nasikia hampendi cz ka Kuna mwenye amekwambia iko sawa ndiye ndingoingo😂😂

wangui6631 Haki unakaa cartoon

thedadisgal Hii nayo ulituangusha na usitupige chupa😂

p.u.f.f_dzaddy I hope this is a joke too because the dress was a joke

annita Me I love you na siezi kushow uongo hii 👗 nayo ziiih

jackieangoli I thought you were making a funny SDA clip kumbe ilikua ya party🤦‍♀️


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‘Mzee Ojwang’s wife accused me of stealing her husband,’ Veteran Vitimbi actor Mama Kayai recalls



Aisha Khavere Matindo popularly known as Mama Kayai from popular TV series Vitimbi, which was the most-watched back in the 1990s is a force to reckon.

The actress, a former traditional dancer also acted in Vioja Mahakamani and recently Jungu Kuu. Mama Kayai played the role of the late Mzee Ojwang’s wife in Vitimbi.

Speaking in an interview with Jalang’o on how she got the role, she said,

Niikingia sikuwa bibi ya mzee Ojwang. nilianza kama customer, producer akasema mbona tusimjaribu huyu mama? Nikaweza then from their I got the role.


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