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‘Your death left me heartbroken, clueless on how to move forward,’ Tabitha Karanja mourns Tecra



‘Your death left me heartbroken, clueless on how to move forward,’ Tabitha…

Three months after the untimely death of Keroche heiress Tecra Muigai her mother Tabitha Karanja has penned an emotional tribute.

Tecra, the last born daughter to the Keroche boss passed away after she succumbed to injuries she sustained after an accident in Lamu.

She was at the time with her boyfriend Omar Lali.

Taking to her Twitter account ,Tabitha Karanja now says that Tecra’s death left her unable to move forward.

Sharing an old photo of herself and a young Tecra, Tabitha penned,

‘This week marks 100 days since we laid to rest my last born daughter Tecra.

Her death left me brokenhearted without an idea of how to move forward.

People say to give it time. But truth is that time changes nothing. What has changed is my eyes have been opened to more truths.’

Tabitha added that Tecra was not just a daughter but also a friend, workmate and a confidant.

’29 years ago when Tecra was gifted to me, I was drawn to her insatiable curiosity. Through the years i BENEFITED from her outlook of the world.

She became my sounding board in my very private life and my public life as an entrepreneur. I dearly miss her counsel and company.’

Tabitha further stated that she was glad of the impact Tecra had on people’s lives adding that she has received calls from different people who knew Tecra worldwide.

‘I’ve heard from friends in 20 countries whose lives Tecra touched & inspired. Her life proves what differentiates people is – opportunity.

Thank you all for prayers that helped ease our pain. For those in a similar place, I pray for grace to live & grieve at the same time.’


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Things you didn’t know about Caleb Omwoyo, cyclist hit by Kenya Moja bus



Things you didn’t know about Caleb Omwoyo, cyclist hit by Kenya Moja…

Kenyans and the cyclists community are still coming to terms with the demise of celebrated cyclist Caleb Omwoyo after he died on Wednesday.

Omwoyo lost his life after he was hit by a Kenya Mpya bus near Safari Park hotel,Thika road.

Below are things you did not know about the celebrated athlete

  •  He hails from Tente, Township ward of Nyamira County.
  • He was an engineering student at the Technical university of Kenya.
  • Caleb sold bicycles and other riding gears something he was enthusiastic about.
  • He was well known to his friends as Belac.
  • Caleb was only 22,died at the prime of his life.
  • He was hit by a Kenya Mpya bus near Safari Park hotel,he died on the spot.

Below are messages from Kenyans.

Dokta Jonte: He was a friend, a business partner, cycling mate and alot to us who he left behind. Can’t explain how and  why you left without saying “kesho daktari” … May your soul rest in peace .

Muiru Muiru BA: May he rest in peace. He was a great guy and a champion to many. I have lost one true friend, in life and in business. May God bless his soul.

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Moses Muru: He was a true mark of cyclist business partner ad a friend shine on your way comrade.

Dada Rides: R.I.P Caleb Omwoyo. You were a wonderful friend to many & great Racer. Condolences to the family.


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NMS apologises for Pumwani child birth fiasco, takes actions



All the four hospitals in the capital, which are run by the Nairobi County government, will now be manned by officers from the National Police Service to prevent disruption of services.

The Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) announced this on Saturday after making several changes at Pumwani Maternity Hospital following an incident on September 13 in which a woman gave birth at the gate.

In a statement, NMS’ Director of Health Services, Dr Josephine Kibaru-Mbae, explained that the woman was denied entry into the facility.

Dr Kibaru-Mbae noted that the incident took place two days after nurses began a legal go-slow but added that essential services were still being offered.

“The security guard denied the patient access to the premises in a very unfortunate incident [but] a nurse from the maternity ward was notified,” she said, adding the medic rushed to the scene and helped with the delivery and the patient’s admission.


The agency apologised for the incident and said that going forward, officers from the NPS will augment provision of security at the four main county hospitals.

The other three are Mbagathi, Mama Lucy Kibaki and Mutuini.

“We take this opportunity to apologise to all Kenyans and mothers in particular for this unfortunate incident,” Dr Kibaru-Mbae said.

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She assured the safety of the mother and child, saying they were both well and were discharged on Friday.

“NMS commends the nurses who quickly assisted the patient,” she said, adding Pumwani’s security team was changed and a customer care desk set up.

“NMS commits to train front office staff in all its facilities,” she added.

This is not the first time Pumwani has been in the limelight for the wrong reasons. Cases of mothers delivering outside the wards as well as those of child theft have been rife at the health facility.


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Mercy Kyallo speaks on toxic relationship that ended up affecting her health



Betty Kyallo’s sister Mercy recently opened up about a past relationship that left her adding unnecessary weight.

Speaking to her big sister on their latest video aired on Betty Kyallo’s lately YouTube show; Mercy went on to disclose how exhausting her past was.

Well it all started after Betty Kyallo went on to ask her sister how she managed to shed off the unnecessary weight she had gained a while back. To which Mercy responded by saying;

Chick let me tell you something, if you think you are fat and have done so many things to lose weight, start by losing the negativity around you.

Heart to heart with Mercy

When asked what negative people were around, the fun sis jokingly went on to point finger at Betty and Gloria; before finally speaking out her heart.

According to the curvaceous Mercy, she was stuck in an happy relationship that seem to have lasted longer than she expected. She went on to open up saying;

 I was in a very long term relationship but I wasn’t happy and I think I tried to lose so much but I used to be so big. I used to run 4 times a month, like 10 kilometers. Watched what I was eating, I was on diet, salads always on this things

Just to prove that her point, Mercy says that her weight gain was caused by stress…something she couldn’t control at the time; but after being in peace for a few months, things then changed.

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