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Oliver Otieno aka YY is one of Kenya’s top stand-up comedians, who rose to fame due to his exploits in the comedy TV show Churchill Show. He chats with Adalla Allan about his career as a comic and how he’s coping with the Cocid-19 crisis

How and when did you get into comedy?

The journey has been long. I am still travelling it and I am not sure when or if I will ever arrive. I started from Kenyatta University Theatre group and participated in many unsuccessful acting auditions including Tahidi High in 2012. I later got a role as an extra in a TV series Lies That Bind that same year, then I decided to join Churchill Show in 2013—one of the hardest platforms to ever join. It was a competitive and tough ground.

Where did your stage name YY come from?

That was my late dad’s name. I heard it was given to him by his Kalenjin friends to mean an outgoing person who’s a scatterbrain [a person who is forgetful, disorganised, or unable to concentrate or think clearly).

Why do most of your comedy seems to revolve on your mum.

Not really. I do jokes about every aspect of real life situation except tribal jokes. It just happen that people relate more to mama’s jokes more because it’s a part of their lives and the nostalgia can’t be ignored. My mum is significant to me as I have spent 90 per cent of my life with her.

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What did you study at the campus?

I was enrolled in the School of Health Sciences department of Health Management and Information at the Kenyatta University to pursue a course in Health Records and Information Management. It basically deals with medical data.

You are currently doing Jeke Live interviews on your YouTube channel instead of comedy. Why is it so?

Let me correct you; I am not replacing anything with stand-up comedy. Never! Jeke idea was born as a defense mechanism against the Covid-19 pandemic—the working from home things you know. I heard comedian Eddie Butita talk like Senator Wetangula and I was like “can I interview you as Jeff Koinange?” So, we did it, then I created the Miguna Miguna character and the rest just happened. Stand-up comedy is my main thing and it’s what I do best.

Would you say the pandemic has contributed to your breakthrough on YouTube?

Jokes aside, yes! The pandemic has just revealed to me that I can really be a hard working young man. It is a blessing in disguise.

I have been more productive than before.

Shooting and posting 11 long videos on YouTube in a week is a record no one has ever achieved in the East African comedy circles. I thank God for showing me the extent in which my potential can conquer.

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Do you watch other comedians?

Yes I do. I love Dave Chapelle and Chris

American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and producer Dave Chappelle. He’s tough, masculine and packs a lot of intelligent content.

What would you advise comedians out there who are undergoing depression due to lack of events during this pandemic period?

Everyone may go through depression as we don’t choose it, but how we handle it is our choice. Drugs and substance abuse isn’t one of the ways to manage it. Instead, it sinks and drowns you even deeper. Remember, choices have consequences.

Is there something we don’t know about YY?

I have never taken alcohol, smoked cigarettes, shisha or bhang. And never means never.

Tell us about your aspirations?

I will take Kenyan comedy to the next level; it has to go international. That’s my dream.


Rock because their thinking is on a wavelength that I am looking upto. I am a thinker and a lover of information. In Kenya, I watch everyone as we have the best talents in the continent, but I acknowledge Butita’s creativity.

How do you scout for guests on your online shows?

I just ask them for videos, which I then watch and listen to keenly. If someone isn’t there yet or close to appealing, I text them on what to change and let them practise it until the greatness is due.

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Whom do you look up to as a role model?


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PHOTOS: I missed job opportunities because I wasn’t slim – sexy KBC presenter Ray Manyara



Body shaming seems to be the order of the day on social media and pubic figures are the most targeted.

Milly Chebby, Lynda Nyangweso, Neomi Nganga, Yummy Mummy and Sandra Dacha aka Siprosa are among the many who’ve been body shammed and they campaign for body positivity.

KBC presenter Regina Ray Manyara has revealed that she was recently body shammed by a woman.

She also narrated how she couldn’t secure a job in the media because they were hiring slim women only.

Anyway other than it making me question like who asked for your opinion?
I went back to years, while I was starting my career where for one to anchor/become a TV presenter required one to be slim fit!( perception silent clauses) I was left out of the qualifying list often on account of body size…but here I am today-Doubling as a reporter and newscaster. Long story short…If you are concerned about my weight or anyone’s ( seek them out personally only if you have a remedy!)
Besides, if my size doesn’t bother me, why should it bother you?
#bodyshamming IS real!’ she posted.

Check out photos of the beautiful Ray Manyara

Ray ManyaraRay ManyaraRay ManyaraRay ManyaraRay Manyara

Ray ManyaraRay ManyaraRay Manyara

Ray’s followers encouraged her to be comfortable in her own body and ignore critics.

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Claire Wambui I once went through the same aki. I had depression after loosing my unborn baby. But I soldiered on coz I am the only one who knows what I am/was going through. But I love our chubby bodies.

Winnie Wilfred Why do people like body-shaming others, people should be thinned by theirs, must they comment just to make you feel bad.. you’re beautiful and wonderful made, and never let anyone underline the one anyone, bring you down…let those fools be, and they have the temerity to question you about you own body, people should grow up.

Tatu Karema You look fabulous! And yes FAT is beautiful 😘….aliyesema kukonda ndio urembo ni nani???????

Lynace Mwashighadi U are perfect. Just the way u are!!!

Kenny Rodgers Haters gonna hate, kelele za chura haiwezi kumfanya ng’ombe asikunywe maji… Keep doing what you do best mwari

Mariah Amor Ngugi Beautiful inside and out! I love the way you look since hizo enzi.

Monica Wandia Who said slim is beautiful…..U are gorgeous and with all the African woman curves… Who hurt her???


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‘We met in a bar,’ How Kansiime and bae’s relationship started



Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime is dating Youtuber SkyLanta. The two have been giving fans a glimpse into how their relationship started as well as what they like and dislike about one another among others.

Skylanta opened up on the day he met the comedianne.

I met her in a bar and that night, she was buying alcohol and I was like I came to spend money but if these celebrity is splashing money why not.

Kansiime added;

I was supposed to meet my sister but she came with this guy called Sky they used to do music together.

Her boyfriend even joked that she was the one who hit on him first.

The two said their first kiss was horrible.

“We had the worst first kiss.”

They have been dating for more than a year. This is after Kansiime and her husband separated.


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Anita Nderu finally comes out, confirms she is a member of LGBTQ



Media personality and content creator Anita Nderu has left tongues wagging after coming out as a member of the LGBTQ community via a tweet.

This she did via the tweet below.

‘I hope my kids never have to go through what I have gone through for being LGBTQ+.’

 Below are some of the reactions

@MatthewMuhindi: Yeah lesbian couples can get kids @AnitaNderu, you can use the IVF method in vertro fertilization ..

In this option, one partner provides the eggs, which are fertilized with donor sperm, and the other carries the pregnancy… All the best. 

@Jwmungai: No one should be judged or accused of his or her sexual orientation…. Everyone has a right to what h/she thinks is right.

@Sesyline_KE: Funny Kenyans don’t know Lesbian couples can have kids, am happy for Anita, I really don’t mind who people choose to be with I hope in the future things change.

@Josefmasta: Whichever way you describe it a man will be involved even if it’s just donating sperms.

@Out_look470: For me and my body I shall always do what the Bible says,hakuna mahali tumeambiwa eti Sarah saw her sister and she bore her a son named Isaac. Hakuna!


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