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If only I could find my son, alive or dead…



It is six years since Mercy Wairimu was told her son had drowned in River Theta in Juja. Even after a search, he was never found and she is yet to get closure

Whenever Mercy Wairimu remembers her firstborn son, Kennedy Maina, her tears flow. On her living room wall, a large portrait sits as a reminder that her son might still be alive somewhere. But she shudders at the thought that he could be dead since she has never seen him for six years.

She recalls a call she received on that fateful day, at exactly 6pm, Sunday, December 5, 2014. Her sister called to say that Kennedy had been admitted to hospital. Eager to know what was ailing her son, she probed for more information, but her sister told her that she had taken care of everything and she should plan to go to Juja the following morning.

Kennedy Maina and his younger brother, Norman Kienja and sister Mumbi Wairimu.

Not knowing her son’s health status, Wairimu left her home in Saika early morning and drove to Juja to check on how her son was fairing.

However, along the way she wondered how her son could have gotten that sick to an extent of being admitted to hospital. “I had visited my sister the previous day and Kennedy was the one who had directed me to her place, which is just a few metres from where he lived. He was a healthy 25-year-old. Nothing made sense to me,” she recalls.

Heartbreaking news

Wairimu had a rental house in Juja and Kennedy had been staying there for two years. He was staying in a servant’s quarter, managing his mother’s property.

On her way, she picked her younger sister at Githurai and continued with their journey. Upon arrival, her other sister, who had called her the previous evening, told her they had to go to where Kennedy lived to get all the information.

But on arrival to his place, everyone was weeping. She assumed the worst had happened. “At that time I began to imagine that my son was no more. I was in so much pain,” she says.

Her imaginations were then cut short by someone who said, “Kennedy drowned in river Theta after getting involved in a fight yesterday.”

“I was told that my son had visited his friends and got into a small argument. They then started fighting and by that time, they were near river Theta. Since it had been raining, he slid and fell in the river My sister initially lied to me that Kennedy was admitted in hospital because she did not want to break the heartbreaking news to me on phone. I suffer from blood pressure and my sister knew I wouldn’t be able to driver from Nairobi to Juja if she told me the truth,” she says.

Agonising search

Wairimu and her family reported the matter to Juja Police Station. The police organised divers to retrieve the body from the river. Three divers were assigned to search for the body. They demanded Sh6,000 per day.

At this time, Wairimu was determined to spend everything she had to get closure.

But nothing was forthcoming. Nothing was found — not even a hat, which was his signature look was found. For three days, Wairimu spent at the shores of river Theta, watching, waiting, hoping against hope. Her sleepless nights had already began.

“I returned to the station to get a way forward, but still nothing was forthcoming. The boy who Kennedy was involved in a fight with was arrested, but was later released because the police said there was no case,” she says as she wipes a tear.

To date, Wairimu, a single mother of three is still searching for her son, hoping that one day he would come home to unite with them. And if at all he is dead, she just hopes to find his body and give the first fruit of her womb a decent burial.

“Many of those grew up with Kennedy ask where he went, but I don’t know how to explain to them because just like them, I am seeking for answers,” she says.


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Meet young Kenyan lady playing key role in Joe Biden’s presidential campaign



Esther Ongeri, a young Kenyan living in the US is the talk of the town after Kenyans learnt that she plays a key role in the Joe Biden presidential campaign.

According to Biden’s campaign website, Ms Ongeri is the Director of Special Projects in the Biden 2020 campaign and has served in the position since July.

Previously, she worked as the Executive Assistant to the Campaign Manager and Special Projects Coordinator in the same campaign team from June 2019.

Ms Ongeri held the posts of operations coordinator from September 2017 to February 2018 and special projects assistant to the CFO from February 2018.

She is an alumnus of Saint Peter’s University in New Jersey where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in political science and government in 2017.

According to her LinkedIn profile, the brilliant Kenyan was a staff assistant to New Jersey senator Robert Menendez between May 2016 and July 2017.

Ms Ongeri started off as an intern in the office of Senator Menendez between August 2015 to May 2016.

She attained her high school diploma at Saint Dominic Academy in 2013 after joining the school in 2009.

In the November 3 US elections, former Vice President Joe Biden is seeking to unseat incumbent president Donald Trump and both are busy on the campaign trail.

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Woman brings 23 relatives on date with lover to test his generosity



A Chinese woman has made headlines after bringing 23 members of her family on a blind date to test her lover’s generosity.

Woman brings 23 relatives on date with lover to test his generosity

Chinese people enjoying a meal in a restaurant. Photo: Quora.
Source: UGC

According to the Daily Mail Online, the unknown woman tagged along with her large clan to the romantic occasion without informing her date in advance.

After enjoying the meal, the man decided to teach the woman a lesson and fled away after receiving the bill which amounted to KSh 382,000 ( £2,300).

According to a Chinese newspaper, Taizhou Evening News, the anonymous woman went on a blind date with a 29-year-old man identified as Liu in eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang.

Reports indicate that the date was organised by Liu’s mom who was worried about her son who had been single for long.

The man had offered to pay for the meal with the thought that it would be a romantic dinner for two but shock on him.

Speaking to the media, the woman said she wanted to test her potential boyfriend’s generosity in catering for the large crowd of 25.

According to reports, the lady and her family enjoyed expensive dishes and alcohol.

Interestingly, Liu failed the test and his potential date ended up paying for the meal herself.

It was later agreed that the man pays for a small part of the meal and the remainder of the bill be shared among the woman’s 23 family members.

In other news, reported of one bride who has since gone viral after she took to social media to convince her friends and family to fund her special day.

According to the post on Reddit, the bride wants a huge amount of moneythat will enable her and her fiance’ to tour Europe for a one month honeymoon.

According to the post, the couple will be tying the knot in December and the bride hopes the guests will not change their mind due to coronavirus.

“Hope you all are doing great and getting all of you all wedding gifts (haha) prepare your cold hard cash and your large housewarming gifts…We really cannot wait to see you all (and receive your gifts LOL) this December,” read the post.

The bride advised her friends against pulling out due to COVID-19 saying they have a monetary goal of KSh 2.2 million ($20,000) minimum.

She indicated that the guests are expected to donate over KSh 3.2 million ($30,000).


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PHOTOS:Maureen Waititu throws son lavish party to mark 5th birthday



Alot has been said about Maureen Waititu and ex, Frankie Just Gym It who doubles up as her baby daddy and ex fiance. The former couple has been giving fans and bloggers a good reason to continue snooping into their personal life as they like to parade it on social media.

However, what we can say is that they both had been drowning in a toxic relationship for a while; and this can be seen in the blame game that they continue to play in front of their followers. On Tuesday, 2o October Frankie Just Gymit shared a special message dedicated to his son as he celebrated his 5th birthday; but what caught our attention is the part he revealed that his ex has denied hi access to his boys. He wrote;

Since I have no access to you, I’ll pass these words on and hope they find you. Be true to yourself always. Live your own dreams. Don’t take life so seriously. And, last but certainly not least, Know that I love you and will always be there for you. No matter what, I’ve got your back. You are my son and always will be. Happy Birthday Lexi.

Maureen shares birthday photos

Maureen on the other hand has however chosen to maintain her silence; but this does not mean she will not be posting anything. As seen on her latest post, the mother of two has gone ahead to share a few photos showing how lit her baby’s birthday was.

Lexi turns 5

Judging from the set up, we can agree that indeed the single mum went all out for her baby boy; but as much as she has issues with her ex lover, she should have let the baby daddy celebrate with her son. No?

Maureen Waititu celebrates son’s birthday in style


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