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Chris Kaiga calls out Safaricom for using his phrases without his consent 




Kenyan rapper Chris Kaiga has called out Safaricom for using phrases from his hit songs without consulting or acknowledging him.

The young rapper aired his complain on twitter, where he highlighted how Safaricom has used two of his catchy phrases within a period of one year yet failed to reach out to him even once.

The two phrases which Kaiga insists he owns the copyright to are ‘ziende chain chain’ and ‘zimenice zimenice zangu zimenice’ which were both lyrics to his catchy songs.

Safaricom incorporated both the statements in two of their campaigns dubbed, ‘sms ziende chain chain’ and ‘zimenice zimenice zangu zimenice na blaze by Safaricom,’ without seeking the permission of the song owner, Chris Kaiga.

“Now Safaricom PLC, they are running another campaign dubbed “sms ziende chain chain” without reference to me. Is this the arrogance of market dominance or just utter disrespect for kenyan creatives? Something needs to be done!”

Kaiga had ignored the first infringement of the copyright of his music 11 months ago, but decided to speak out when Safaricom used his content once again this time around.

He was not happy with the situation and went on to ask if such an action would be because of the arrogance of market dominance or just disrespect of Kenyan artists.

“It’s high time Safaricom PLC got called out for infringing on my creative works! Less than a year ago they ran a campaign dubbed “Zimenice Zimenice zangu Zimenice na blaze by Safaricom” which I hold the registered Trademark and copyrights to the song.”

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Italians, police clash over new COVID-19 restrictions 




Violent protests broke out across Italy on Monday over new restrictions to curb the country’s second wave of COVID-19

Clashes were reported in several major cities – including Turin, where petrol bombs were thrown at officers.

In Milan tear gas was used to disperse protesters, while violence was also reported in Naples.

The demonstrations began soon after the national government’s order to close restaurants, bars, gyms and cinemas came into effect at 18:00 local time.

Many regions have also imposed night-time curfews – including Lombardy, where Milan is, and Piedmont, where Turin is.

Protests took place in about a dozen other cities, including Rome, Genoa, Palermo and Trieste.

While an initial national lockdown earlier this year was complied with peacefully, the announcement of renewed measures has been met with immediate pushback.

Small businesses argue that they are still recovering from that first lockdown, and that more restrictions could bankrupt them.

A number of luxury stores in central Turin, including a Gucci boutique, were ransacked by crowds that spilled into the streets after the rules came into force.

Demonstrators let off firecrackers and lit flares, while police in riot gear responded with tear gas.

In Milan, crowds chanted “Freedom, freedom, freedom!” as they clashed with police in the city centre.

The city is the capital of Lombardy, which has been particularly hard hit by the virus.

In the new measures restaurants, bars and cafes areto stop table service at 18:00 and offer only take-away until midnight.

Contact sports are prohibited but shops and most business

The new restrictions, which are in force until 24 November, will also see 75% of classes at Italy’s high schools and universities conducted online instead of in a classroom.

Regional governments had asked for all classes to be conducted via distance learning, Italian media reported, but the move was opposed by Education Minister Lucia Azzolina.

The government is also urging people not to travel outside their home towns or cities unless absolutely necessary and to avoid using public transport if possible.

“We think that we will suffer a bit this month but by gritting our teeth with these restrictions, we’ll be able to breathe again in December,” Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte told a news conference on Sunday.

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Aisha Jumwa explains why BBI should have been written in Swahili




Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa has asked Kenyans from the Coastal region to reject the Building Bridges Initiative report because it is written in English.

In a video, the legislator recounted an incident where she claimed that youth from the region were denied jobs by the Maritime Authority due to their poor English-speaking skills.

“When Koreans and Filipinos come in those ships none of them can speak English and this is because the maritime industry has it’s own language that everyone working on the ships needs to know and they are just few words like ‘jambo, hello, welcome, thank you, very good,’ so nobody should stand and claim that youth from the Coast cannot get jobs in maritime because they cannot speak English!” an English translation of what she said states.

The vocal MP went on to ask the listeners to retaliate by refusing to read the BBI report.

“Isn’t the BBI report also written in English? Yet they want us to pass it, we won’t! If they will not give Pwani youth jobs because they can’t speak English then why bring us the BBI report for us to read? We don’t want it because we don’t understand it,” she reasoned.

She further claimed that it was a show of disrespect to the people of the region to have the report in a language that they are said to not understand.

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DPP threatens to take action after Waititu skipped trial again 




Former Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu failed to appear in court for the third time forcing the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Noordin Haji to consider cancelling his bail terms.

Waititu was to appear in court on Monday the 26th of October 2020 to answer charges in his ksh 588 million graft case.

However, he did not show up.

According to his lawyers, the former Kiambu governor is sick in the high dependency unit (HDU) in hospital.

“My client has been unwell. He went for check up on the 24th of october and was referred to the high dependency unit for admission at a hospital,” Waititu’s lawyer said.

The prosecution accused Waititu of evading trial seeing this is the third time he has missed court.

It also requested Waititu’s lawyers to provide his medical records to the court

Consequently, the DPP also requested a team of three government doctors to examine Waititu and present the medical report.

“That a team of three appointed by kenya medical practitioners and dentist board do examine the metal assessment and be filed in court and the purpose is for the court to assess the mental status and for the dpp to make further applications.”

However, Waititu’s lawyers claimed that this would be an invasion of Waititu’s right to privacy.

State lawyers also sought to have the case go on without the former Kiambu governor.

They further explained that even though Waititu is hospitalized, he should know when he can resume with his life.

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