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Single dad helping his autistic children thrive



Martin Kilavi’s first born son, Joshua Kilavi is an expert keyboardist. His second born, a daughter, Sarah Mwikali Martin on the hand has an eye for fashion and beauty. But the two children aged 20 and 15 years respectively are autistic.

Kilavi recalls the first time he held his son in his hands 20 years ago. He was overcome with joy, and hence made a vow to be present in his son’s life. Joshua grew up a healthy baby. However, he had delayed milestones. “When he turned two years, we opted to seek a doctor’s advice,” he says. The diagnosis? He was autistic.

This came as a shock to the new parents. The fact that nobody in Kilavi’s family had such a condition didn’t make it easier. However, the two buried themselves in any book that could help them understand how best they could raise their little one. They became resilient and were determined to give their son the best.

The Kilavis got another bundle of joy, a girl when Joshua was three years old. “When Sarah was born, I didn’t know what to expect because I still had little knowledge about autism. However, I felt that God always gives us what we can be able to endure by his grace,” Kilavi explains.

Kilavi has been raising his children alone for the last six years. MAIN: Martin, his son Joshua Kilavi and daughter Sarah Mwikali. PD/SANDRA WEKESA

A few months later, history repeated itself. This time, Kilavi discovered it early as he had experience raising Joshua. He even become more dedicated to raising his children and learning about autism.

Kilavi says his partner couldn’t take it anymore and the two went separate ways six years ago, when Joshua and Sarah were 14 and nine years old respectively. “When she left, I was worried about how I could put on two hats being both a father and mother to the children,” he adds.

When it came to schooling, Kilavi didn’t give much thought on taking them to a special school. He was hopeful that the children would be able to go through normal schooling. Helping children adapt to life

Although at first they faced several challenges such as stigma, the family was determined to go through it together. “I thought taking Joshua to a special school would stagnate him. Also, the fact that there is life after school for him always meant that he had to face life head on and so, being in a normal school would help him adapt to life,” Kilavi notes.

But after his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education [KCPE] exam in 2012, Joshua managed to score 189 marks out of 500. “To be realistic, I expected less. I was so proud of him. But the challenge was finding a good secondary school for him,” he adds After tarmacking for a while, he was referred to Paul Mwangangi, director Kitengela International School who created space for both of his children to learn.

Over the years, Joshua who is repetitive in nature has become a keyboard player. “Joshua learned how to play the keyboard in church. Every time he watched someone play a keyboard, he would start playing an imaginary one. Eventually, he started training and became an expert while at it,” he says. Sarah who isn’t social is curious about fashion, make-up and beauty and likes experimenting.

Despite his busy schedule as a trained aircraft technician, Kilavi is keen in ensuring that he spends quality time with his children.

His close family and a few friends have also made an impact in his children’s life. For example, his friend Mohamed Dahir Burale recently purchased for Joshua an electric cooker that has helped him develop new skills in cooking, which is done underdose supervision. Kilavi’s special friend, Maureen Mbithe, has also walked with him through the journey of being a single parent. “I remember when Sarah’s menses started, I panicked. I had no idea of what to do. Maureen was of great help, helping me understand Sarah from a woman’s perspective,” he reveals.

His pastor, Rev Michael Musango, and his wife, Mercy Love Musango of Fountain of Grace Church, Athi River held his hand through difficult moments. Currently Joshua is enrolled at Machakos Technical School For The Blind where he is training in Shiatsu, a massage therapy, under close supervision of his teacher Catherine Mueni, while Sarah is about to sit for her lnternational General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSEl.

For now, Kilavi is optimistic that the future is bright. “We have come from far.

The children had to go through speech therapy to communisate effectively. They now respond in short sentences. They can do theirown laundry, do chores such as washing dishes and basic cooking- Joshua prepares delicious omelettes and follow up shows in their laptop,” he says.


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‘I have no access to you,’ Frankie pens emotional letter to son, says he’s barred from seeing his kids



Fitness coach Frankie Kiarie has penned a touching letter to his firstborn son Lexi with Maureen Waititu.

The father of two showered his son with love and narrating how he brought so much joy to his life.

To My Son,

When you came into this world, you brought a love so pure I had never before experienced. When you spoke your first word, walked your first steps, I became your biggest fan. With every milestone you reached, I reveled in joy. You taught me the meaning of love — true, unconditional love.

As you continue to grow, you will live your own life. You will have times of happiness and times of disappointment. You will fall in love, and you will have your heart broken. Life has its ups and downs and is not always fair, but I know your strength and resilience will see you through.

May you always know your worth and how incredibly precious you are! As your Papa, it is my privilege to impart these important truths to you.

Frankie went ahead to reveal that he hasn’t seen his kids for a while now because he has no access to them.

‘Since I have no access to you, I’ll pass these words on and hope they find you. Be true to yourself always. Live your own dreams. Don’t take life so seriously. And, last but certainly not least, Know that I love you and will always be there for you. No matter what, I’ve got your back. You are my son and always will be. Happy Birthday Lexi,’ he wrote.

A few weeks ago, reached out to Maureen Waititu to respond to claims that she had barred Frankie from seeing their kids she denied.



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Varshita actress Eve D’Souza says ‘I Do’ in all-white private affair



Popular Kenyan actress, Eve DSouza known for her mark on Auntie Boss and Varshita, has tied the knot in a stunning private white wedding.

The beauty got engaged to her Prince Charming Simon Anderson back in December 2019, in a beautiful surprise event while in Goa, India, by the beach side.

What they termed “the start of a beautiful journey” has now blossomed into a breathtaking milestone as the lovebirds officially said ‘I Do’ over the weekend.

Eve DSouza ties the knot

In an undisclosed location and an event graced only by close friends and family, an excited Eve, known never to take life seriously – going by her comical theatrics, sweetly captioned “Married 16.10.2020 ❤❤”.

Eve D’Souza ties the knot with long-time boyfriend

It has been all Congratulations to the newly weds. Fans unable to express their joy and envy as the beautiful 41-year old finally gets a chance at marriage.

The ravishing media personality clad in an open sparkling white wedding gown. With her dearly beloved opting for a crisp navy blue suit coupled with a wine-colored tie to complement his beauty.

Eve D’Souza ties the knot with long-time boyfriend

It was not until December 2018, that the gorgeous light-skin beauty introduced her man to the public for the first time. A dear Simon Anderson who had proven to be the final answer to her dear heart.

Have a look at more photos of the star-struck couple.

Eve D’Souza off the market

Actress Eve D´Souza and her Prince Charming

Film star Eve D’Souza and long-time boyfriend, Simon wed


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Mwalimu Rachel speaks after Sailors Gang drag her into yet another money scandal



Radio presenter Mwalimu has not been having an easy time with the Sailors Gang gang especially now that there is beef. This comes as a big surprise considering the fact that she discovered the boys; back when Gengetone had just become a thing in the entertainment industry.

A few months later, the presenter and Sailors Gang gang apparently can’t see eye to eye due to a few reasons here and there. The whole drama however started after Mwalimu Rachel was accused of squeezing one of Sailors gang friend’s balls.

Sailors Gang preforming

Yes, this was more than drama but a real case that saw the presenter present her self in court for the hearing. Since then, nothing has been the same between the former manager and the Gengetone artists.

Accused of refusing with their YouTube logins

Well, this past weekend rumor spread around claiming that Mwalimu Rachel had refused to hand over Sailors Gang Gang Youtube channel. According to reports, the presenter asked for Ksh1.5 million in order for her to grant them access; now that they are under the Blackmarket record.

She tweeted;

Smart ladies run businesses. Not their mouths. Nawapemda wote! I shall address the nation later my loves. Mimi sikimbilii maneno. Kwa sasa tuchape kazi.

The presenter went on to add;

Put emotions to the side when running business.

Mwalimu Rachel speaks

Of course, this makes the NRG presenter look selfish and greedy; but after coming across her latest Tweets, we also understand that this was more of a business for her.

Having the boys walk out on her with no agreement – might be the reason why they now feel that she is taking advantage of the situation. However, truth is one way or another both parties will have to benefit if they decide to head to court.


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