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25 dead in a week as disputes turn tragic



According to police reports, at least 25 individuals have died in the past week across the country.

One of the victims was a 10-year-old girl, who is thought to have been slain by her mother in Kangundo because she refused to attend school.

The 12-year-old boy who was the youngest suspect detained by police is suspected of killing his grandpa on Monday morning at the Namanjalala farm in Maili Saba Trans Nzoia.

Joseph Mulati, 43, was discovered stabbed in the chest and deceased in his home. It was determined that the deceased’s 12-year-old cousin, Simon Nyongesa, and the deceased had a fight the day before. The suspect was detained, according to authorities.

According to records, mobs were responsible for at least 15 additional fatalities and30 injuries in different incidents. Marriage conflict Records indicate that there has been an increase in suicide cases during the same time span, with at least 25 additional suicide deaths. The lowest suicide victim is 18 years old, while the oldest is 70.

Some of them are alleged to have committed suicide after having arguments with their spouses, while one lady allegedly committed suicide after defaulting on a loan.

Police are looking into the death of Angela Ndolo in the Kagundo case after her corpse was discovered in their home on Sunday night in the Matithini Kivaani neighborhood. Authorities reportedly believe her mother is the murderer.

According to police, the girl had had an altercation with her parents over claims she refused to go to school.

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“The girl was found with multiple injuries. Detectives recovered a blood stained panga, spear, a T-shirt and stick. We have crucial evidence and leads,” police said. The girl had escaped from the family house and went to seek refuge at her grandparents’ house in the same area. Bar brawl Records also indicate that at least three people have been killed over suspected love triangle. On Monday in Changamwe, Mombasa, Evans Katuti stabbed his girlfriend Ann Kambu to death after he found her with an unknown man. He later surrendered to the police. The same day in Buuri, Meru, Janice Kendi, a bar attendant, disagreed with a patron and stabbed him in the neck. The victim, Davis Bundi was rushed to Meru Level V hospital where he was pronounced dead. On Sunday, Serah Njenga aged 45 was reportedly stabbed to death by her husband, Njuguna Kirobi in Naivasha.

Police are also looking for a suspect who hit a man using a rungu to death on Monday following a dispute over space at a video shop in Ongata Ronga town.

At least seven people were killed on Sunday across the country. In Mwingi, the body of Muvengi Kivou, 74, was found behind his house with multiple cut wounds. Another woman was on Friday last week arrested after her lover died while undergoing treatment at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH)

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