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Chronology of the shooting of Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif



By Wanja Waweru

A police officer manning a road barricade along Magadi road shot and killed 50-year-old renowned Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif yesterday night.

Here is what we now know based on witness and police reports.

  1. A shower of bullets fired by GSU police personnel from the nearby Magadi Training School, where the deadly incident occurred, caused Mr. Sharif to pass away instantly.
  2. The slain journalist was being driven by his brother, Mr. Kurram Ahmed, on their trip from Kwenia in Magadi, an area famed for conserving the endangered Rüppell’s vulture, according to a police report reviewed by the Nation and recorded at 9 p.m. Sunday at the Magadi Police Station. The Pakistani national who survived claimed they were Nairobi-based developers.
  3. On the fateful night, according to the police, they were flagged down by authorities but disobeyed as soon as they turned onto Kiserian-Magadi road from a dusty feeder road. Then the police started firing.
  4. The car was struck from all sides by the gunfire. Nine bullet holes were left on the left side of the windscreen, where the deceased was sitting, two on the rear left back screen, one on the rear right door, four on the right side of the boot, and one deflated front right tire from the incident.
  5. . His brother Mr Ahmed reported finding a gunshot wound on Mr Sharif’s head, which was likely the fatal shot. The bullet penetrated the back of his head and exited the front.

According to the police report, the Starehe DCI put the GSU officers on the scene on high alert after a case of child kidnapping was reported. A toddler was in the car that a Kenyan national reported missing.

The automobile, which had a KDJ license plate, was never found, but the youngster was later found in Kiserian. However, the automobile Mr. Sharif and his brother were in had KDG license plates, suggesting that the police may have made a mistaken identify.

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