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VIDEO: 60-Year-Old Mzungu sells everything and Moves to Kenya to Marry 29-Year-Old Woman whom he met on FB



Ciru Njuguna is 28 and her husband Greg Twiss is 60. Please don’t let that age gap fool you because these two say they deeply love each other and they are living their best life together.

But when people say Ciru is just after Greg’s money and he will end up in a septic tank, that gets to her. She is not ashamed of her relationship and strongly urges the public to let other people be.

Greg says he sold everything he owned in Germany and moved to Kenya after falling in love with her.

“I sold everything I had in Germany and came to Kenya because I wanted a family with Mary,” he said in a recent TV interview.

“We used to talk a lot. We had communicated for long before I decided to move here.”

The man says that stories of Kenyan women swindling Mzungus (White People) did not bother him as he was determined to be with Ciru.

“It didn’t really matter to me what people would say,” he said.

Wanjiru, who is 32 years younger than her Greg, discloses that the husband is older than her dad by three years.

“But the age gap does not bother me,” she adds.

Greg, a divorcee, was 52 years old while Wanjiru was only 20 when the two met on Facebook.

The two live in Nakuru and they are blessed with twins who are about to turn eight. The man had three children from his previous marriage.

Ciru says she is used to derogatory statements being hurled at her by passrsby but some can be too mean.

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“Some say I am a potential killer,” she says. “Some comments get into me,” she adds.

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