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70-year-old father slaughters his 42-year-old son



A 70-year-old man slashed his 42-year-old son to death after a quarrel in Ivari village, Embu East Sub County.

Residents explained how they were drawn to the homestead of Benjamin Njiru by screams only to find the body of his son Alexander Munene lying in a pool of blood with deep cuts on the head and the neck.

The suspect sought refuge at Runyenjes Police Station where he is being held in custody after angry residents bayed for his blood threatened to lynch him.

Patrick Muriithi Njiru the Assistant Chief Gikuuri sub-location said the family had perennial family conflicts that were often sorted out by elders and other family members.

“The son is a farmer just like his father. They have been having issues which have not been big but usually solved after intervention by elders and other family members,” said the assistant chief.

Muriithi said that on the fateful day, February 14, at around 5pm, Munene had a quarrel with his wife 33-year-old Beatrice Mutitu and the 70-year-old dad intervened but Munene was not happy with his fathers’ intervention, as they have had outstanding issues.

It is then that the son told his father he will be back and left the homestead without uttering another word.

The Assistant chief said Kunene was said to have gone on a drinking spree at Kawanjara Shopping Centre and when he came back home at around 8pm, he went straight to his father’s house and confronted him. His father is said to have responded swiftly with a panga slashing him twice on the head and the neck.

Muriithi appealed to members of the public to sort out family issues amicably by involving the elders, other members of the society or the local administration.

“There have been issues over land in the area and it could be the reason for the family conflicts but I don’t think it should end by people taking the law into their hands. Residents should let the law take its course,” Muriithi added.

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