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88 youths between 15 and 24 years contracting HIV/AIDS daily 




According to The National Aids Control Council, 88 young Kenyans between the age of 15 and 24 are contracting HIV/AIDS daily in Kenya. These are high school and university students.
There is a popular habit that has emerged called  ‘mali kuenda chain’ where during campus weekend parties and graduation parties, one girl can be shared by even three to four boys during the night or during the weekend.
They youth also have the belief that HIV/ AIDS is not dangerous.
That ‘better the virus than cancer’ “ukimwi utameza madawa na usurvive for long”.
The girls are more afraid of pregnancies than they are of HIV so, they would rather take morning after pills than insist the guy wears a condom.
88 infections per day is 616 infections per week, translating to 2, 464 per month.
This is a lot of lives being interrupted, and most of the interrupted lives will be destroyed.

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