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A Kenyan-Owned US Company Strikes A Partnership Deal With Largest International Student Loans Lender



Appstec America, a US-based Kenyan owned consulting firm has signed a partnership deal with the largest lender of international student loans. Speaking virtually at The Kenya airlift program luncheon over the weekend, at the safari park hotel, Nairobi, the programs director of the fast growing consulting company, Bob Mwiti, revealed the good news to the hundreds of students who attended the event.

“One of the major milestones we have been able to achieve in our airlift program this year is that recently we signed a partnership with Mpower Financing. This is a big deal for us, in this program”, Bob said while addressing the congregation.

Mpower Financing is the largest lender of unsecured loans to students from everywhere across the world. To qualify for such a loan, one does not need to have any security. The lender however, lends to very bright international students wishing to study in USA and canada and who cannot access federal student loans available to American citizens.

Through its award-winning initiative, Appstec America has been utilizing Mpower’s loan to facilitate funding for its students currently enrolled in the airlift program without having any official partnership. With the official partnership, things can only get better in the program. Bob said that Appstec America will help Mpower penetrate the lucrative African market in a big way.

“We have a huge pool of the best African brains  in our Kenya Airlift Program and this is something that has attracted  Mpower Financing, which they can tap into”, Bob said.

Recently Mpower financing completed  a 150 Million funding from existing investor Tilden Park Capital Management and investment management firm King Street Capital Management. The round includes $100 million in equity financing and about $52.5 million in debt financing from both firms, Mpower’s India general manager Ashwini Kumar told ETtech. Other investors in the round include hedge fund Drakes Landing Associates and private equity fund Pennington Alternative Income Management.

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For international students seeking funding for their master’s programs, they can check their eligibility for an unsecured student loan by clicking  Mpower Student Loan


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