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A Snippet of the career event held at UON in Sept 2022



It was an eye-opening moment for some, but for many, it opened up a whole new horizon of possibilities. The Kenya Airlift Program, in collaboration with its partner, MPOWER Financing, hosted this career event for students at the University of Nairobi. A team from MPOWER funding lead by Mr Kumar, Hon DMK Kiogora, the Dean of Students University of Nairobi, and Bob Mwiti, among others, were in attendance.

Ashwini Kumar (left), Vice president & General Manager MPOWER Financing exchange notes with his colleague Yuvish Singh during the event.

Mr Kumar, who works with MPOWER financing, talked about how the company noticed and addressed the gap and need that existed with international students who wanted to fund their studies abroad. He recounted how Bob Mwiti, the Programs Director of the Kenya Airlift Program, approached him in 2021, hoping to assist brilliant Kenyan students who wished to study abroad but lacked collateral or cosigners to secure their loans. And, amazingly, that is how the partnership between the two institutions came to be, to help Kenyan students settle in the United States smoothly!

Hon DMK Kiogora, co-founder of the Kenya Airlift Program, gave a brief background of how the program began in 2018. It was a rocky start, with no background data, no results to display, and no one willing to be the program guinea pig. He retorted how The Airlift Sacco helps students with their relocation expenses to the United States.

Bob Mwiti expounded on the mission and vision of the program and how it accommodates every student who has interests in joining the tech industry in the US. Tracy Kimathi, a Kenya Airlift student who is still working for the program as an accountant, highlighted the journey to the United States and how the program plays a crucial role in the relocation process.

Students attending the career fair had the opportunity to ask questions as they geared up to complete their bachelor’s degrees and relocate to the United States for their master’s programs.

The underpinned video provides detailed insights of the event.

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