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A Star Shines on A Bright Needy Kenyan Student From Meru County



This year, Bob Mwiti, the co-founder of the Kenya Airlift Program, returned to Kenya and participated in a variety of activities and events, including The Kenya Airlift Program July Luncheon, going on a reconnaissance mission to the American Embassy, among others. An interaction with a young man who was introduced to him was one special occurrence that sparked his interest and captivated his heart. Dennis Munene comes from Gitugu Village, North Imenti Constituency, Meru County in Kenya.


Due to a lack of funds, Dennis dropped out of college in the second semester of his first year. His ambition of obtaining a bachelor’s degree and bettering his life and that of his family was nearly dashed due to financial constraints. When Dennis met Bob, he saw a light at the end of the tunnel for him to complete his degree in Management and Leadership.

Dennis receives the scholarship cheque together with a laptop from The Kenya Airlift Program staff.

They say that when you feel you’re drowning in life’s situation, don’t worry because your lifeguard walks on water.  Dennis’ lifeguard came and took his hand, guiding him through the most critical portion of the Kenyan university education, which millions lack. Coming from a single-parenthood family of four, hope beckons as he plans to raise the family’s status and, possibly, care for his siblings in the future.


Eighty percent of all university students in Kenya rely on the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB), a statutory board tasked with providing loans to students pursuing higher education. Dennis had hoped to receive school funding for his study, but HELB denied him a loan, putting an end to his dream of pursuing higher education. But as Kevin Spacey said  “I feel it’s a responsibility for anyone who breaks through a certain ceiling, to send the elevator back down and give others a helpful lift,”. Bob Mwiti came through for Dennis in a big way, and the Kenya Airlift Program, an amazing program that facilitates Kenyan students to study abroad, provided Dennis a ray of hope to continue his education.

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Last week, Dennis was presented with a laptop and a check for his university education by Bob Mwiti’s PA, Ken Muriira, and two other Kenya Airlift Meru office personnel. He will be resuming his studies at International Leadership University in Nairobi to finish his bachelor’s degree in Leadership and Management. The Kenya Airlift program’s flag continues to fly high as it transforms the lives of Kenyan youth one by one.


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