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A Student’s Success Story through The KENYA Airlift Program



Grace Wanja is a proud beneficiary of The KENYA Airlift Program with an amazing success story of being able to overcome all odds in acquiring the American education.

Grace Wanja addressing successful and prospective students at the program’s bi-annual luncheon

When Grace came across the program first in 2018, she didn’t meet the qualifications required then until the program introduced the parallel option, an opportunity that she embraced and couldn’t let slip in 2020.

Her journey was not an easy one but she was resilient enough to try again after her first attempt to look for a US visa on her own failed.

She admits that the predicaments didn’t end the moment she landed in the US. Transitioning would take a while since being in a class with the American students in itself was challenging for even grasping what the lecturers taught was an uphill task having not been used to the English they speak.

Grace is grateful for the great community of the KENYA Airlift Program students in Alabama that aided in the motivation to keep going for through this they could learn and cope with the setbacks together. In her address to students relocation to the US, she further cautions that making it there calls for self-discipline, devotion and requires one to have a goal and pursue it with determination leaving no room for distractions.

This video provides more insight on the same


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