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A walk around the Beautiful IUP



Still in the Keystone State, we take you on a tour of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, which is located in the state of Pennsylvania. This trip reminisces some old memories for Bob Mwiti, the Director of the Kenya Airlift Program and an alumnus of this school. As we walk around the school, we behold the serene environment, the gothic architectural buildings mixed with the modern structures.

Bob Mwiti’s voice is full of excitement as he recalls where he used to work, where he used to pick up his mails, and where he attended college. When he returns to the school after more than a decade, he meets with current students, some of whom are enrolled in a course that is very popular with the students of the Airlift program. It is with great triumph that one can return to his stomping grounds, where-from his success in the US stemmed.

The video provides more insight on the same.

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