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Ababu Namwamba goes after ‘cheap’ Mexican Soap Operas on Kenyan TV



Ababu Namwamba, the cabinet secretary for youth affairs and sports, claims that a new bill is being drafted that will make it extremely impossible for Kenyan broadcasters to air foreign content, such Mexican soap operas.

“We already have the government rule which stipulates that at the very minimum 70 percent should be local content and 30 percent foreign because we live in a globalized world and we have to mix the content a little bit,”

The CS said his ministry has come up with a draft that would tighten those loose ends, even as he agrees this rule has never been exploited as it should due to gaps.

“The vast majority the highest percentage of content on our TV on our radios should really be local content and there shouldn’t be no debate about it. I have no shame in announcing that we are drafting legislation, a policy that is going to make it very expensive to bring those cheap foreign shows to our TVs”.

Mr Namwamba revealed that a lot of broadcasters prefer foreign soap operas which in most cases are always old shows, because they are cheap to purchase.

“You can’t be carrying your flash disks go to Acapulco (Mexican city) then pick some cheap shows without even paying anything for it (to the Kenyan government), then come here and crowd our superior original local content out of the space”,

The CS said the idea of the new legislation is aimed at encouraging the production and consumption of local content to reward Kenyans in the creative space.

“Every country that has succeeded in transforming the creatives into a mega industry, think of India, USA, South Africa, Nigeria has done that based on local content,”

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Behind the scenes of Lilian Ng’ang’a and Juliani’s rushed wedding



Well-known rapper Juliani’s wife, Lillian Ng’ang’a, has talked candidly about the joyous experience of parenthood.

She has reflected on the moment she found out she was carrying her first child, Utheri.

“I found out I was pregnant on December 2, 2021. It’s been 2 years, and it’s perfect! Happy mom!” she joyfully expressed in a post on her Instagram.

Shortly after the breakup, Lillian—who had spent eleven years as Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua’s wife—announced her engagement to Julius Owino, also referred to as Juliani.

In August 2021, the couple made their separation public. On February 2, 2022, they secretly married in a small ceremony.

They welcomed their son in July 2022, later that year.

The happy mother talked about her experience as a mother in a different interview, highlighting the happiness that her son, Utheri, brings into her life.

“Utheri means light, and I want my baby to be the light of the world. I have a very calm, bright-eyed handsome boy, and now that he is two months old, he loves to smile. I can’t wait for the morning for him to wake up; he already knows who I am, so he’s always snuggling next to me,” she revealed.

Despite the challenges that often accompany pregnancy, Lillian expressed her gratitude for a smooth and easy experience.


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Shix Kapienga: Why men fear dating me!



The gifted actress Nancy Wanjiku Karanja, also referred to as Shix Kapienga, recently discussed the difficulties she encounters when dating.

The successful actress blamed misconceptions about her upbringing for her unmarried state in an open interview with TV47.

Shix revealed, “Men assume I am too ghetto for them to date me.”

Shix has a reputation for being a tomboy.

Comedian Ofweneke went further to find out if this impression was influenced by her outfit selection.

In response, Shix defended her fashion choices, stating, “In the ghetto, I would just rock my jeans and T-shirt and move on. Why would I wear a dress?”

The actress talked about the struggles she had as a child growing up in the Kangemi area and emphasized the importance of working harder to overcome obstacles in life.

Her commitment brought her to the stage, where she gave her all during each performance.

In the course of the interview, Shix also opened up about her experiences as an actor, detailing how she collaborated with the late Lupita Nyongo on Shuga 2.

Regarding her part in the critically praised series, Shix said she was impressed by Lupita’s warmth, friendliness, sincerity, and modesty.

Thinking back to their days together on the set, she recalled:

“She (Lupita) was very nice, very friendly, very humble, very loving by the way.”

Despite their professional connection, Shix humorously recounted her quest to find a tweet from Lupita mentioning her.

“I acted with Lupita, but do I say. Umewahi tafuta tweet!? Well it is X now, have you ever scrolled for a tweet, where she wrote and mentioned me? Aki I have looked for it, nimetafuta hio tweet sijawahi pata, mpaka wa leo,” she said.


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‘I almost didn’t audition!’ Cimberly Wanyonyi wins Swedish Idol



The latest champion of the 19th season of Swedish Idol is none other than the 18-year-old Skellefteå star Cimberly Wanyonyi. Cimberly has made a lasting impression on the venerable singing competition, having celebrated her achievement with the publication of the winner’s record, “Won’t Be Sorry.”

But there were many bumps in the road leading to victory. Cimberly’s adventure nearly took an unexpected turn when she thought she may miss the important audition in Luleå because of a car problem.

“My mom was supposed to drive me to Luleå, but the car broke down,” Cimberly revealed. Arriving at the audition, she was met with disappointment as the Idol production team informed her that they were closed, suggesting she audition next year.

She stepped in, determined to assist Cimberly get a chance at the audition. Not too long after, the Skellefteå-born singer was in front of the judges, eager to show off her abilities.

Cimberly had nerve-racking moments competing in Stockholm against almost a hundred other competitors.

Judge Katia Mosally made eye contact with Cimberly prior to her last solo audition in front of the judges and the public, expressing her desire to see her succeed.She stepped in, determined to assist Cimberly get a chance at the audition. Not too long after, the Skellefteå-born singer was in front of the judges, eager to show off her abilities

Cimberly had nerve-racking moments competing in Stockholm against almost a hundred other competitors.

Prior to her last individual trial in front of of the judges and the audience, judge Katia Mosally locked eyes with her, expressing a desire to see Cimberly shine.

“I figured I had nothing to lose; either I was all in or I was out. I wanted to impress them and give them a taste of what was to come,” Cimberly recounted.

Her determination and talent left the judges in awe, securing her place in the competition and setting the stage for her eventual victory.

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