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Actress ‘Njambi’ of the real Househelps of Kawangware opens up on battling depression, mental illness



The Real Househelps of Kwangware actress Njeri’ Njambi’ Gachomba has opened up to netizens about her personal struggles and why she suddenly disappeared from YouTube.

Speaking in a candid video posted on her YouTube channel, the mother of two revealed that she had been silently battling depression alongside mental illness, which has led to her demotivation and lack of enthusiasm for creating any online content.

“My people, please take me slowly. You have been asking me why I have not been posting. If I stopped making YouTube content, and I just want to say I’m so sorry to you, my fans.

“I told you all that I have had depression, so I have been battling that and at the same time working through my mental illness, and you know when you are depressed, you have no motivation to do anything. I am demoralized, I feel I have no support, I have no psych,” she said.

Njambi explained that despite having shot several videos for her YouTube channel, she often lacks the strength and drive to edit and post them, most of the time opting to do away with the footage.

“People going through depression or have gone through depression or mental illness understand that when we are in that state, we just want to sit and do nothing. I have been in my room for the longest time. I really want to post videos, but I’m sorry I end up posting bad quality content because I’m just like,’ whatever, let me get it over with’. It gets even harder when you are the one posting, shooting, and editing the videos. But I am getting over that. I’m coming back,” added Njambi.

I have done nothing

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According to the soon-to-be 30-year-old, many of the things she had set out to achieve before turning 30 are yet to be accomplished. This, according to her, has made her dissatisfaction and worry worse. However, she stated that despite having so many struggles, she is grateful for good health and that of her kids.

“I am turning 30 in two months, and I feel I have done nothing. I am not where I want to be, and I am so sure I’m not the only one going through this. I know we say by the time I’m 30, I want to have built a house, and I’m sitting here thinking, ‘God, I only have two months, open doors for me so that I can build this house and fulfill my dream.’ I am feeling so crappy just thinking I’m still giving my rent money to someone.

“That’s one; I had also planned that by the time I am 30, I would have my life figured out, and it turns out I’m nowhere close to figuring my life. However, I’m grateful for my life. I am healthy, my kids are healthy, my kids are doing good, and yeah, I have an amazing career, though I’ve stayed home for so long. Actually, I have been in that jobless corner for a long time. If you are also on the jobless corner, we are together. Because of this, I have considered going back to a law firm, but if I do, I will only be going back because of the money, not because it’s something I enjoy doing,” she continued.


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