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Adelle Onyango: I’ve been bullied about my ‘crooked’ teeth, but I keep smiling



By Wanja Waweru

Adelle Onyango, a media personality, has opened up about some of her work insecurities, including how she had been teased about her teeth.

The well-known radio host claimed in a tweet that she has never seen herself as others portray her to be in terms of her dental orientation and has instead always adored her own smile for its sincerity and ease.

“All through my career, I’ve been bullied about my teeth. I find it so strange. I have always loved my smile – its genuine, so effortless and now, all over friggin Nairobi. Every time you see it remember to: love your body, there is beauty in diversity,” she said in the post.

Adelle has endured years of abuse because of her dentition. On the day of her wedding, the hostility reached a fever level when detractors urged her to get her teeth fixed because she could afford it.

Some years ago, Adelle responded to the haters on social media with a message saying that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and that she is completely fine with her teeth.

“These crooked teeth put together a killer smile,” she said before adding, “I don’t believe in ‘flaws’. We are as we are meant to be. Beauty is diverse – there’s no ONE way to be beautiful! The greatest thing you can do for yourself, take yourself as you are my love!”

Sometime later, Adelle confessed that she has not always been self-confident, it took time to accept what she considered her flaws.

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