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Adelle Onyango talks of the many losses in her life



By Wanja Waweru

Adelle Onyango, a media personality has talked openly about missing her late mother, who passed away from breast cancer ten years ago.

Adelle discussed going to counseling to deal with her sadness in her weekly podcast, Legally Clueless.

Adelle began detailing all of the losses she has endured in recent years.

“The first thing we talked about was about the loss of my mum and we unpacked everything about her, and that was so instrumental in my life,” she said.

Adelle said that the message she had for her deceased mother after her sessions was different from the one she had before she had processed the loss.

According to Adelle, most people initially link grief and feelings of loss to death alone, however this is untrue

Adelle talked about some past losses she had.

“There are many life events that are losses, that create feelings of grief. So for me, the loss of a childhood I dreamed of having but didn’t get, the loss of my dad, the loss of who I thought he could be but wasn’t, the loss of years spent navigating sexual trauma, loss of friendships, loss of relationships, loss of some dreams I’d always wanted but never achieved….”

Adelle hoped that people would be encouraged by the story she shared and what worked for her.

“I hope it helps you but of course remember what worked for me might not work for you so take what makes sense and it’s ok if nothing I say resonated with you!”

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