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Akothee shuts down Jaguar’s claim that he’s richer than her



Kenyan musician Akothee has spoken out, in response to analogies made by former Starehe MP Charles Njagua, commonly known as Jaguar,

Jaguar was recently questioned about why Akothee and Harmonize, two other singers who are said to be among the wealthiest in East Africa, were included ahead of him on the list.

He dismissed the list, adding that if it were true that Akothee and Harmonize were wealthier than him, he would stop performing.

Akothee responded by posting a statement to the situation on Instagram. Why do men feel the urge to compete with and contrast themselves with women? she said in her opening statement.

“Ati nani amesema He is Richer than THE MADAMBOSS. Since when did men forget themselves and start competing & comparing themselves with WOMEN?” she wrote.

Akothee also criticized politicians who enter the music industry solely to make money and remain relevant in power, rather than to help the common people or change the economy.

“Most celebs/musicians run into politics to make money and to remain relevant in power not to help the common mwananchi or change the economy, you feel good when people chase you,” she stated.

She then urged politicians to be humble and refrain from bragging about their wealth, as much of it comes from taxpayers’ money.

“Let me not hear any politician bragging with taxpayers’ money ati ‘Riches’ Riches kitu gani. Those business flight tickets, Choppers are paid by the government not your personal money, while people’s children can’t even afford school fee,” she wrote.

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