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Alikiba’s son turns four as parents navigate through public divorce



By Wanja Waweru

Keyaan, the son of Tanzanian musician Alikiba, turned four over the weekend. The musician celebrated the event on Instagram with images from his Kenyan wife Amina, who reportedly filed for divorce last year.

As Amina posted a picture of a cake, Alikiba posted a picture of his son with a birthday greeting.

Two opulent ceremonies were staged in Mombasa and Dar es Salaam, and it is reported that the couple’s wedding cost over Sh50 million.

Nonetheless, Amina divorced her husband three years after their nuptials.

She highlighted ongoing arguments with the musician, his associates, and family members who continued to reside with them in their matrimonial house after their marriage in the documents she filed with the Mombasa Kadhi’s court.

Alikiba allegedly made several covert trips to Kenya after that in an effort to make amends with his wife.

But, a source close to the pair claims, she seems to have made up her mind. Amina requested an annulment in her petition, claiming the union was “irretrievably ruined.”

Amina said that she left Kiba’s home in Tanzania in October 2018 because she considered the living situation unacceptable for her mental health.

In accordance with Muslim tradition, she spent 40 days with her family after giving birth to her first child in February 2019. Yet when she went back to her marital home in April 2019, she discovered that the living situation was still difficult.

Even with their divorce, Alikiba and Amina’s relationship continues to be the subject of media attention, and their son Keyaan’s birthday has brought their history into the spotlight once more.

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