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America The Land Of Many Choices



Studying and living abroad offers one an opportunity to experience life in a multicultural environment and exposure to different ways of life.

It also comes along with travel opportunities, good income, adaptability and independence.

The KENYA Airlift Program creates a path to achieving this fulfilment in life.

Prof Kennedy Ongaga during the KENYA Airlift program Bi-annual luncheon

These privileges could lead to the students losing focus on their studies, career goals and ambitions if they are not well guided to remain focused and true to the goal of what they wanted to achieve through the program all along. 

However, with the guidance that the program offers to the students at all stages of this journey, it is easy for them to make it through school, pass well and comfortably live and work in America. 

 Prof Kennedy Ongaga shares insightful nuggets to a huge contingent of students relocating on ways to  easily transition to the life in the US and also balance between studies and social life for both play an  integral part in making the American dream a reality.  


This video provides more insights on the same 



To learn more about the Kenya airlift program, please visit 

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