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Another blow to Ruto as LSK boss rejects appointment to debt audit team, terms it unconstitutional



Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Faith Odhiambo has refused an offer from President William Ruto to join a special task force aimed at auditing the country’s public debt. According to LSK Secretary Florence Muturi, the society deems the task force unconstitutional, asserting that the responsibility for conducting such audits lies exclusively with the Auditor General.

Ms Odhiambo has been a fierce critic of President Ruto and its administration since even before she was elected as the LSK president.

LSK emphasized that the Auditor General is legally mandated to audit public debt within six months after each fiscal year’s end. This duty extends to auditing the accounts of national and county governments, the judiciary, constitutional commissions, Parliament, and political parties funded by public resources.

Additionally, the Office on Public Debt Management, under the Treasury’s Director-General and funded by public money, is required to furnish debt details for forensic audit by the Auditor General.

LSK stated, “The Council of the Law Society of Kenya has thus resolved that neither our president nor any of our members shall take up appointments or participate in the said taskforce.” The society further urged President Ruto to refrain from overstepping constitutional boundaries by appointing individuals to roles that already fall under existing public offices’ purview.

Ruto had appointed a four-member team chaired by Nancy Onyango, with Professor Luis Franceschi as deputy, to audit the country’s public debt and produce a report within 90 days.

“We will not allow state interference in our leadership ranks,” Ms Odhiambo once told the Daily Nation, a local publication.

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