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Appstec’s RPA Program Success Stories: How A Job Loss Became A Blessing In Disguise




There is an adage that says that even giants fall. Life is full of uncertainties and certain shocks, which have the capacity of breaking us even beyond repair.

As a matter of fact, in such situations, we realize that having an option B is not always bad.

Nobody acknowledges this reality more than Ben.

When he lost his job as a Business Analyst at a top American telecommunication company, it dawned on him that it wasn’t over yet.

Unemployed but undeterred, he would passionately seek a way of leveraging on his capabilities.

This would see him enroll for the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) training offered by Appstec America until he completed his course.

The decision would see him back on his feet again with a wide range of job opportunities coming his way.

Looking back, his journey towards being an RPA consultant with one of America’s leading companies was precipitated by a painful start but a sweet ending indeed.

Listen to his story as he shares it with our current cohort of our RPA Business Analyst program.

To download the program handbook of our RPA program please visit our website at




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