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Armed gangster shot dead while robbing a man in Githurai 44



By Wanja Waweru

On Friday night in Githurai 44, Nairobi County, policemen shot and killed a shooter who had attacked a man just outside his gate.

The detectives from Kasarani Police Station, who had parked their vehicle a few meters away, claimed that the suspect set up an ambush for his intended victim but that his plans were quickly thwarted.

“No sooner had the man stopped his vehicle and alighted to open the gate than the thug sprung from a dark lane opposite the gate and pointed the gun to the man,” the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said in a statement.

When the commotion was observed by detectives in their car, they immediately pursued the alleged robber.

At gunpoint, the suspect had already been successful in emptying the victim’s pockets, and a motorbike thought to have been the getaway vehicle was speeding in the opposite direction towards the crime scene.

As the motorcycle drew near, the police took chase. When the rider realized that the police were close by, he made a U-turn and sped off, leaving his accomplice behind.

“The armed thug suddenly disembarked and started running on foot towards a footpath while shooting at the officers. One of the crime busters opened fire and killed him on the spot,” the DCI said.

From the dead suspect, the authorities found a Czeska pistol that was 9mm caliber loaded. According to the police, ballistic tests will be performed on the firearm to determine whether it has ever been used in the area to conduct crime.

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The suspect’s body was transported to the City Mortuary; his name has not yet been revealed. The other suspect, who rode away on his motorcycle, is the subject of a search by detectives.

The incident occurred just two days after detectives in the vast Githurai and Kasarani regions warned suspected criminals.

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