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Avocado and Banana Digital Campaign Unveiled to Boost Sales



By Shadrack Nyakoe

Farmers in Kenya have a reason to smile following the launch of the Avocado and Banana Digital Media campaign which seeks to increase sales through improved communication to clients and connection to global markets.

The strategy will guide on best practices to exploit the existing digital tools on the internet to better connect with stakeholders, improve information dissemination, change consumer attitudes and improve access to Kenya’s avocado and banana in the global marketplace.

Avocado and banana exports earned the country Ksh. 17 billion last year.

Avocado and banana export was ranked 6th and 112th in the world with only 10% exported for avocados produced in the country.

Speaking during the launch, Fresh Produce Consortium of Kenya CEO, Okisegere Ojepat said that they are determined to grow Kenya’s market share in European Union Countries, the UK, the Middle East, Korea, India, and China.

“To grow the market and meet our plans, we must increase production of good quality avocados and bananas developing and maintaining high quality post-harvest handling facilities and processes. We must market our produce with the right Dry Matter of 24% and above. Dynamic and uniquely new demands set by our existing and new markets present new challenges and opportunities in equal measure to Kenyan farmers and exporters, we need to adopt new technologies for harvesting and post-harvest handling to ensure we retain and satisfy our local and international consumers,” he stated.

He said the partnership with foreign missions and embassies will enable tripling of exports in the next for years.

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Jomo Kenyatta International Airport manager Freighter Product and Development, Joseph Omwanda said avocado and banana are important economic fruit crops that need to be prioritized and given production marketing and promotion attention.

“These two fruits deserve to be backed with budgetary support by all stakeholders both in government and private sector. This partnership will go a long way to unlock our potential as a nation to increase and grow our domestic and export market as we sought to find lasting solutions that will benefit all stakeholders in the value chains,” he said.


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