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Avril deactivates Instagram account after altercation with baby daddy J Blessing



Following a well-publicized disagreement with her longtime partner and baby daddy, Jibril Blessing, sometimes known as J Blessing, singer Judith Nyambura Mwangi, also known as Avril, deleted her Instagram account.

Social media is in a frenzy due to the occurrence, shocking fans and followers.

On November 15, 2023, Avril, whose Instagram account had over 2 million followers, vanished from the popular platform following a string of postings and removals.

The singer tweeted a since-deleted photo of herself with a battered face, which alarmed her fans and started the frenzy.

As the photo went viral, the couple’s turbulent relationship came to light, leading Avril to subsequently resurface on social media and profess her forgiveness of J Blessing.

In a plea to the public, she urged Kenyans to extend the same grace to her partner.

J Blessing confirmed the fight in a later statement and expressed his displeasure about their private lives being made public.

The statement disclosed that the pair had decided to part ways amicably after seven years of dating.

Both participants apparently sustained injuries during the physical altercation, necessitating medical attention.

J Blessing explained that one of the pictures Avril shared was from an earlier confrontation that happened almost a year ago.

Accepting responsibility for the event, he emphasized that he rushed Avril to Aga Khan Hospital for medical attention.

“I sincerely apologize for any harm I have caused Avril or any other person. I am not innocent, but I would like to clarify a few things. About a year ago, we had a physical altercation where we both got hurt and on that day, I immediately took her to the hospital at Aga Khan. I take full responsibility for that moment of weakness. One of the pictures she posted is from that incident,” he explained in his statement.

The couple’s split announcement has left the public in shock and sparked a heated debate on social media, with fans expressing a range of emotions, from sympathy to disappointment.

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Mr Lenny reveals why his marriage failed



For the first time, renowned Kenyan artist Mr. Lenny has discussed the breakdown of his marriage.

He talked about his experience on the Iko Nini podcast.

” I believe that our marriage broke because both of us had issues the main one being finances.

I get money from events but during Covid-19 there were no events.

My job which was also struggling before closed completely.”

Lenny says the pressure on his wife to provide worked against them.

“It became a rift because my wife was the one paying off the bills.

The jobs were very rare and when they did, the money would be used to clear debts.

Eventually, she wanted out.” He says he did his best

“I am not perfect and I have sometimes I have made bad decisions.

Sometimes she would receive pressure from her friends, and the comparison of our relationship with others didn’t help.

“Covid-19 went on for two years and at some point, she felt like I would never recover.”

Lenny says with time he has picked the broken pieces of his life.







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VIDEO: Panic, laughter at President Ruto’s near fall as he planted trees



President William Ruto found himself on the edge of a fall on Monday at the National Tree Planting Day celebration at the Kiu Wetland in Makueni County.

The unexpected event, which lasted for a few seconds, occurred when the President bent to place soil around the base of the recently planted tree.

His gumboot-clad foot sank into the muddy, water-filled depression where the tree had been planted as the ground, softened by the previous rains, betrayed his step.

The President was a few steps away from his aides, who moved quickly and urgently to break the possible stumble as the President struggled to restore his balance.

President Ruto handled the stressful occasion with poise, making light of the situation and continuing the ceremonial tree planting.

The President is heard saying to his guards, who were holding him, “wachana na mimi bwana” in the footage that captures the event, which caused his security and the spectators to burst into laughing.

Viewers’ reactions to the image were mixed, ranging from a touch of enjoyment at the fleeting precariousness of the situation to fear for the President’s safety.


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Wahu on motherhood



Recently, singer Wahu opened up about her enlightening experience as a mother, stressing the value of being more than just a strict parent to her three girls.

During the CD listening event, Bien, the successful artist, spoke about how happy she was to have had the opportunity to raise people for 17 years.

“Being a mother to an infant is beautiful. I have been a mother for 17 years. Just being given the honor to raise another life is the highlight of the beautiful memories of being a mother again. It is challenging but I love it. I have a teenager, 17 years old, a 10-year-old, and now, 13 months. They are kids of different generations. They all have different issues. It is not that easy transitioning, but I am happy doing it that way,” Wahu shared in the interview.

Wahu emphasized her approach to parenting, stating that she wants her kids to be more friends with her.

“I am friends with my kids, and I also find ways to discipline them. I want to be more friends with them and for them to know that I am there for them more. I wanted them to be better versions of me. I want them to know that I am there for them. When it comes to discipline, I will do that, but of course, a teenager is different from my 10-year-old.”

When asked which song from Bien’s album she preferred, she said, “Alusa Why Are You Topless.” Wahu chose a song specifically for Bien’s wife Chiki, citing a personal connection from her own marriage.

She also asked Nameless, in a very funny way, why he had never written a song with her name in it.

“The song he wrote for his wife, I don’t know if it’s because I am a wife, my husband has no song. The time he was proposing and she said yes, that one is my best. We are really good friends, and he and my husband, have a beautiful relationship and are like a kid brother. There was once they were neighbors, and so they would hang out most of the time.”

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