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‘Babe, my Kinyanjui…’ Widow pays moving tribute to MP Ngunjiri’s son, AK



The widow of Arthur Kinyanjui a.k.a AK, the last born son to Bahati constituency’s MP Onesmus Kimani Ngunjiri and Ruth Muthoni Kimani has penned a heartbreaking tribute.

AK was buried yesterday in Nakuru. he passed away on March 1, 2021, after suffering a cardiac arrest.

He is survived by his wife,  Cindy Gathoni, daughter Rochelle Muthoni Kinyanjui, his unborn son.

Cindy penned a long tribute for AK.

“Babe, my Kinyanjui, my best friend, you were an interesting man, a caring husband and a wonderful, devoted father to our children. You were a true friend to many, a happy soul, strong and very stubborn.

You had a special ability to bring people together and make them feel comfortable and a way of making complex things seem so easy to achieve.”

Cindy reminisced about their life together and how they met.

“It has been ten beautiful years together since we met. I remember our first encounter, you stalking me in the estate in a white Probox and I was spooked to even hold a conversation with you.

I later travelled back home to Kitui where I stayed for two months. To my surprise the aggressive you somehow found a way to get my number since I declined to give it to you in the first ‘creepy’ encounter.

She continued,

“Little did I know that was the start of our beautiful journey together. We talked and laughed endlessly for months and fell deeply in love. I came back to Nairobi to start my undergraduate studies and that is when we officially met.

A.K I will remember you as a smart, hard-working and ambitious man. Your work ethic was impeccable. You were committed to your cause regardless of the many obstacles you faced.

At times I thought you were extra ambitious but looking back there’s no rehearsal, we only have one life and one chance to do life. Your love for speed and cars amazed me through the years and so did Muthoni. She’s grown up to emulate you through her love for go-karting, for you my love, I will nurture and support her the same way you did.

To my dear husband, Your life has taught me unconditional love and patience. I am so grateful to share your achievements, dreams, love and friendship.

When you fell ill, your hospital room became my favourite spot to hangout because we would spend all the days and some nights together, talking, laughing and praying. I am humbled that I was there for you during your last days in this world. You will always be in my heart and the love I have for you will never die.

Our beautiful children and I will always adore, remember and pray for you. I promise to raise them just the way we had planned; I will make you proud babe.

I feel you looking down at us with that big smile of yours saying “forge ahead, make the best of life and I will see you soon. We have work to do up here too.” Shine on your way my ‘kafatty’. May the good Lord grant you eternal peace, till we meet again.

By MPasho

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