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Baha’s brother opens up on coping with loss of son and mother



By Wanja Waweru

The younger brother of former Machachari star Baha, Mungai Mbaya, recently discussed the heartbreaking loss of his newborn son.

One month after his birth, in May 2021, Mungai’s kid died.

The musician, better known by his stage name Moonguy da Guy, shared with the interviewer his grieving and recovery process.

Mungai cherished the memories of the happiness his newborn brought into his life, despite the brief time he spent with him.

In the interview, he talked about spending four weeks with his son and how the child had made his life happier.

But Mungai’s son tragically died, and this loss was a great one significant moment in his life that taught him just how delicate life can be.

Mungai discussed in the interview how he handled his sadness after losing his son. In order to give himself time to mourn and recover, he avoided social media and kept his connections with specific people to a minimum. Mungai had previously lost his mother, thus this was not the first time he had gone through such a bereavement. Mungai said that his mother’s passing was the toughest thing he had ever gone through, notwithstanding the other two catastrophes he had encountered.

“Dealing with loss for the second time, being an adult and understanding things was a lot easier, but I can say it’s one day at a time,” he said.

Despite the immense pain of losing his son, Mungai also spoke about how he was more prepared to deal with it as an adult.

Nevertheless, he acknowledged that losing a child can make a person feel like a failure. He revealed how he struggled with feelings of guilt and self-doubt, wondering if there was anything more he could have done to save his son’s life.

“I felt unlucky when I lost my mother. When my son died, I felt like a failure, or maybe I did not do enough to save his life,” he said.

To keep his son’s memory alive, Mungai shared in the interview that he had gotten a tattoo in memory of his son.


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