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Betty Kyallo: My best maid didn’t ‘snatch’ Okari



Betty Kyallo has slammed American actor, singer, and songwriter Tyrese Gibson for misleading the public by publishing false information about her.

Tyrese, who has over 13 million followers on Instagram, shared photos from Dennis Okari and his ex-wife Betty Kyallo’s wedding way back in 2015 and another from Okari’s second wedding with his current wife Joy, indicating that Betty’s maid of honor ‘stole’ her husband.

“Heyyyyyyyy friend!!!!! Wait… Huh? People that you allow in as around your life want YOUR LIFE….. She was not ok with seeing her friend’s life flourish…. A monster is a monster waiting on the opportunity to BE a monster,” warned Tyrese.

Betty, while responding to Tyrese through her Instagram account, told Tyrese to get his act right and apologize for gross Character assassination.

“I am that Bride and that’s my beautiful Maid Of Honour who happens to be a very respected Gospel Artist in My country Kenya and noo she didn’t do what you purport. Those two are different beautiful women. Please next time get your facts right. You are a respectable Personality and you owe it to yourself and your following to get the facts right before you tarnish people’s character. Thank you. Best from Myself Betty and Kenya,” she commented.

Later she added, “Just following up on a falsely written post from @tyrese that’s just absurd! These social media streets could tarnish people’s characters for nothing at all. I can’t keep quiet when people just want to use falsehoods to create a buzz on their pages. @tyrese You are a respectable personality get your act right and apologize for this gross Character assassination. My comment on his post is on his page and I hope we can all learn from this nonsense. Goodnight from the Beautiful Continent #Africa.”

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The post that has since been pulled down has ignited mixed reactions, with a section of people accusing Betty of clout chasing while others castigated Tyrese for posting without checking his facts.


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