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Bishop Muriithi agrees to pay child support



Mr Muriithi, however, dismissed some of the requirements the woman sought in the petition saying they are not basic needs and he does not live a lavish life as portrayed but depends on well-wishers for the running of the church and his family upkeep.

“That as a responsible Kenyan and offering to take responsibility of paying fees for the minor as well as payment of Sh10,000 per month for the minors subsistence, I make the commitment herein bearing in mind my limited means and family responsibilities which I am obliged to meet as well as the fact that the minor’s education will take the largest share of the minor’s maintenance,” he said in a sworn statement.

Mr Muriithi said he is aware the woman is currently enjoying a comfortable home which she shares with her teenage son as well as the baby he sired.

He further said the woman was running a good business during their short-lived relationship and she is, therefore, able to cater for the child.

The man of cloth said he will provide for the minor’s school fees when he attains school-going age.

On the choice of school, Mr Muriithi said he was not consulted before the mother “settled for the high-end Kiota School”, which he said he cannot afford because he does not have a regular income.

He dismissed another request by the woman for Sh10,000 to cater for a househelp saying she had one even before getting the child in question and the minor does not mean he has to take up the responsibility.

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Through lawyer Danstan Omari, the woman had also asked for utility fees including electricity (Sh5,000), gas (Sh3,000), DSTV (Sh2,000) and water (Sh3,000). Bishop Muriithi said DSTV is not a basic need.

The woman also sought Sh35,000 per month for rent but Mr Muriithis says she was paying he own rent even before they met.

“the applicant insinuates that I live a high-end life. I do state that this is a pigment of the applicant’s imagination as I do not earn any salary from the church and therefore I do not have a regular income or payslip but rather depend purely on donations from well-wishers and such donations have not been forthcoming due to the Covid-19 pandemic where church activities have been disrupted for close to two years,” he said.

He said the woman hid the pregnancy from him until the child was born and that it was not true he was excited about the pregnancy.

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