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Bloggers making a killing ahead of the 2022 elections




Just months to the next General Election, bloggers are among the people who are now highly sought by political parties and politicians.

They help the politicians raise their chances in the game of numbers by using social media to attract millions of first-time voters as well as existing voters.

They have specialised in disinformation which is intentionally putting inaccurate content out there in support of their favourite candidate.

Jack Okinyi, a veteran journalist who spoke to the People Daily newspaper believes the bloggers have a way of influencing the poll through messages that target a certain class of people in the society.

“Yes, there is a chance that the bloggers hold sway to the outcome through messaging; an influence that reaches many within a short period of time. You can see that some of the candidates are already engaging famous bloggers,” says Okinyi.

Robert Alai, Disembe Dikembe, Philip Nyamai and a host of new names, are working for ODM, in a project managed by the party’s election director Junet Mohammed.

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