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BMW squad, family and friends mourn Allan Ngugi who died in horror crash



Friends, family and relatives on Friday mourned Mr Allan Ngugi, who died in an accident on Southern Bypass.  Allan, who was born on October 26, 1982, in Eldoret, has left behind two sons.

In a requiem mass held at Ridgeways Baptist Church off Kiambu Road, the Programme Manager at Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA) was remembered by friends as “always cheerful” , resourceful and compassionate and lived a happy life until his demise.

To his two children, he was a loving father. To his three siblings, he was a peacemaker. His sister and brothers also knew him as diplomatic, polite and patient while his mother knew him as a perfectionist.

“I remember when you were in high school, and you thought your grades were not good enough to join form four, without coercion, you asked me if you could remain a year behind just so you could get better grades, ” Ms Mary Nduta Ngugi, Allan’s mother recalled. “[you were] always the mark of a true perfectionist.”

Allan Ngugi.

Francis Nderitu | Nation Media Group

He was always steadfast and his mates thought he would be a priest due to his calm and unwavering disposition.

“It is no surprise that he became a great leader,” Allan’s cousin, Pauline said.

When things never worked out between him and his wife, he promised to continue giving the children the best.

“Dear Allan, I just want to say thank you…Things may not have worked out between us, but we both agreed that one thing we did 100 per cent right was being a parent to our wonderful boys,” his widow Kim said.

“You did amazing things as their father for the eight and three years they had you in their lives,” she added.  “Part of me has died,” Ben Ngugi, his brother said.

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His other brother Brian Ngugi reminisced their childhood memories. He said: “I remember us fighting a lot when we were young and I guess that was your way of letting me know that you’d be a fighter of the good and right things in life.”

On Tuesday night, when his sister Caroline Wanjiku spoke “briefly”, she did not know that the goodnight they told each other was their last. He succumbed to injuries following a grisly accident 24 hours later.

Ms Wanjiku fondly remembered their childhood days.

 “These last couple of days I have been angry, hysterically crying and felt utter loneliness trying to understand why it had to be you,” Ms Wanjiku said.

Reliable friend

Until his death, Mr Ngugi worked with TradeMaek East Africa (TMEA). He joined TMEA as a programme assistant intern in 2011 and was part of the team that set up the private sector and civil society programme in the early stages of establishing the East Africa Community (EAC). Over a decade later, he had risen the ranks to the level of programme manager logistics at TMEA.

His colleagues at TMEA remembered him as “a reliable friend and a teammate…and a fine gentleman to his last breath.”

Mr Ngugi was also a lover of cars.  His first car, according to his friends, was Subaru Outback. Later he was introduced to the BMW X5 e70 which he drove until his death.

The BMW group eulogised him as  a lover of cars, especially the BMW brand.

“Allan always loved fine things in life, and the car he drove was a proof of that,” the group wrote. “He always believed in living life to the fullest and living it purposefully.”

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