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Bomas Choirs cry over lack of pay, months after election



By Wanja Waweru

A group of singers from various choirs who provided entertainment for Kenyans during the August 2022 General Election in Bomas of Kenya are now complaining that they weren’t paid for their work.

The singers claim that more than five months after entertaining Kenyans as the nation impatiently awaited the presidential election results, they have still not received the promised payment.

Mwalimu Thomas Wasonga, a seasoned performer and songwriter, led the group. He was hired by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission to entertain Kenyans as they awaited the results of the presidential election.

The choir sang patriotic songs that reduced tensions among Kenyans for over a week at Bomas, where many people expressed happiness at their presence.

Even as schools begin on Monday, some choir members have publicly said that they have not yet received the money they worked so hard for.

One of the Bomas choirs’ main singers, Victor Onyango, claims that Mwalimu Wasonga made a guarantee to them that their salary would arrive six weeks after the declaration of the presidential results.

Little did he realize that six weeks would equal nearly six months.

“The choir was one of the service providers at Bomas of Kenya. We were brought in to provide services just like the rest who were contracted to make the process smooth. So we were supposed to be paid like the rest,” Onyango told Citizen Digital.

He continued: “Our able leader Mwalimu Wasonga said the money would come in six weeks. It is now six months and we are yet to see the money. We really don’t want to blame Mwalimu for this delay, but someone should act. We have families who saw us every day on TV working yet we went home with nothing.”

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Onyango said 80% pf the choir members entirely depend on singing as their source of income. The delayed payment has therefore adversely affected their way of life and their families

“I can assure you that most people in that choir you saw there don’t do anything apart from singing. It is their livelihood. Withholding their pay means thay are greatly affected. They have families, children are resuming school,” Onyango lamented.


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