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CAS Jaguar – Why I don’t post my wife on social media



By Wanja Waweru

Former Starehe MP Charles Njagua, often known as Jaguar, has discussed why he decided not to post pictures of his romantic partner on social media.

As CAS in the Ministry of Youth, Arts, and Sports, Jaguar stated to the press that his children, whom he views as his most valuable possession, are his top priority.

“I share my children’s posts on social media, but only with them.”

Jaguar said he might make an exception and publish the love of his life on Mother’s Day, which is on Sunday.

He emphasized the significance of his children in his life and conveyed his tremendous love and appreciation for them.

“I am in a loving and respectful relationship with a woman I cherish. However, she prefers to maintain her privacy,” he said, adding:

“For any man, his children are his first priority and responsibility. I am devoted to them,” Jaguar said, emphasising the importance of his role as a father.

Jaguar is supposed to have five kids, but only four of them are shown in his web postings.

Tamara, his oldest kid, was conceived by the Kigeugeu hitmaker and Magda, who is now a mother to two girls.

In her social media posts, Magda frequently refers to Jaguar’s other kids as her own, demonstrating a strong affinity and maternal bonding with them.

Jaguar made no mention of his family, but it appears that he and his wife are content together.