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CCTV footage reveals moment NHIF employee was shot on city street




A new CCTV footage shows the exact moment National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) employee Lilian Waithera was shot while walking with a colleague along Kaunda Street in Nairobi city centre.

Ms Waithera was shot dead on Monday, February 13.

The CCTV video shows Ms. Waithera, who is wearing a black sweater, heading to the Jubilee Insurance Building with a coworker. They are walking away from the Eco Bank side.

At Hamilton House, they cross Kaunda Street, and a little while later, they are seen in front of an Optica store.

Ms. Waithera appears shocked in the parking lot for Jubilee Insurance, and the video shows that she was shot at 5:13:03 p.m.

Two black cars were parked close to the crime scene.

She is then pulled along the highway before passing out in the parking area.

“We did not see blood on her clothes, it was oozing from her mouth,” Florence Gichuki, an eye witness told NTV.

Despite the fact that her colleague had instructed them to call for an ambulance for a buddy who had been shot, Ms. Gichuki said they did not know the precise reason for her collapse.

The incident attracted a crowd at that time.

The CCTV film clearly shows that the persons in the area claim they did not hear gunshots, despite the fact that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives are working around the clock to solve the issue.

CCTV footage reveals that an ambulance was dispatched 25 minutes after Ms. Waithera passed out.

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She was at the site for 11 minutes before being taken to the Nairobi Hospital, where she was declared dead when she got there.

DCI investigators from the forensic ballistics team cordoned off the location on Thursday to investigate the potential cause.

To examine the potential cause of the death, DCI officers from the forensic ballistics unit cordoned off the location on Thursday.

The post-mortem revealed that 46-year-old Ms. Waithera had been shot. It was initially described as a “sudden death” in a police report.

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