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Churchill show comedian Nasra sadly loses child



By Judith Gicobi

In the middle of June, Churchill Show comic Nasra Yusuf and her husband Rashid made a pregnancy announcement.

Nasra and Rashid have regrettably announced that they have lost the baby. In a message, the comic and her director spouse stated:

“This picture was taken on the saddest day of my adult life😭.. Loosing my little angel before I even met him/her makes it even harder to process 💔💔 I was way too excited for this journey,I had everything, from the name, to the sort of life he/she would have all figured out in my mind..ooh how I wish I just saw your little face my baby💙💓”

Additionally, there was a picture of her in a hospital bed with a drip strapped to her arm. Nasra added,

“but ALHAMDHULILAH..That is what I said when I first learnt about your coming,and it is what I said when you left❤️may You be the reason i get into paradise amin….I am actually very happy that we got to share the news of your coming with our family, friends and fans who all loved you,I hope you felt the love from all of us baby🙏 …”

Nasra stated that she is attempting to cope with the tragic news.

“And finally they say everything happens for a reason and I do agree, because during this difficult process,I got to see what kind of a man I was really married to..manze This man was broken, I’d never seen him that sad,but still,he chose to be strong for me, comforting me when he also needed to be comforted and going above and beyond to ensure that I got the best treatment..”

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The couple are leaning onto each other.

“His constant reassurance that “babe Niko hapa,we will go through this pamoja and tutakuwa sawa pamoja “meant alot..hey babe,I appreciate you more now and I love you more now,and I’ll always choose you above anyone and anything,I always have and I always wil”

In 2018, Nasra and Rashid met on the set of the Churchill comedy program.

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