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College student allegedly kidnaps self to obtain money from parents -DCI



By Judith Gicobi

A Makindu Medical Training College student who reportedly kidnapped himself in an effort to get money from his parents has been detained by DCI investigators.

Edwin Kamau, 23, is being held at the Kayole police station after staging his own kidnapping to extort money from his parents, according to investigators’ detailed revelations.

He reportedly vanished last Sunday before blocking his father and asking his mother for a ransom while pretending to have been abducted.

His distressed parents alerted the police, who started a manhunt for the kidnappers as soon as they heard about the incident.

However, Sh10,000 was transferred over Mpesa after the phone calls persisted with threats that the kidnappers were about to kill him.


DCI reports

that, following receipt of the initial sum, Kamau went on a partying binge before falling victim to a “Basmati babe” con.

“Immediately Kamau received the initial Sh10,000, he went to a club in Thika to irrigate his throat and make merry in the company of a babe he had met. And as fate would have it, the woman turned out to be a pishori admin who laced his drink with an unknown substance and stole the cash,” the DCI said.

As soon as he regained consciousness, he started pleading for the money. He received Sh40,000 by mobile money once more, which he withdrew and put in his shoes.

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Detectives had already discovered his plan by this point, and he was taken into custody.

After being questioned, Kamau stated that he had already paid his school fees and was searching for a means to get money to pay so that he could take his examinations.

The student, who is currently being held at the Kayole police station pending arraignment, was found to be in possession of Sh38,600 by detectives.

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