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Cops arrested after 2 suspects jailbreak, allegedly steal firearm



By Wanja Waweru

Two police officers were detained on Thursday following alleged theft of a firearm from the armory at a police station in Kiminini, Trans Nzoia county,

The two suspects, who were scheduled to appear in court for theft, made away with the AK47 weapon and 14 7.62mm bullets.

Two detainees are believed to have escaped from the cells at Shikhendu police station on Thursday between three and five in the morning because the two police constables left the report office and sentry unattended.

According to the police, the two policemen claimed to have “briefly” left the station to go to their homes, which are located inside the station police perimeter.

Around five in the morning, Epuyo reappeared and found that two detainees, Samuel Wafula Barasa and Daniel Wanjala Sindano, had fled.

According to reports, the two reportedly cut through an iron sheet before jumping into the report office, where they reportedly smashed the steel box armory and grabbed one AK-47 gun.

The two officers leaving the station at the same moment was a coincidence.

After then, they fled undetected through the station’s main door, which was unlocked, according to authorities.

The defendants were scheduled to appear in court on January 26 after being accused of stealing two cows that were later found.

A search was conducted in an attempt to find the stolen firearm and rearrest the thieves.

Police officials declared that they are looking into how the incident took place and promised to act against the two cops.

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The investigators described it as uncommon and promised to re-arrest the missing individuals and find the weapon.

two police officers were detained on Thursday.

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