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Court summons Murgor sisters to take plea



By Judith Gicobi

A magistrate’s court has summoned the Murgor sisters to appear in court to enter their plea in connection with the Ndichu brothers’ event.

The two were supposed to appear in court on Friday to enter pleas, but they did not show up, and warrants were filed against them.

The warrants were eventually replaced with a summons to appear in court to enter a plea.

The Murgor sisters, Cheryll and Stephanie Murgor, were in the center of a violent altercation with Paul and Eddy Ndichu, who were charged with assault.

When they did not appear in court, their lawyer, Philip Murgor, told the judge that his clients were unaware of the summons and objected to the charge sheet that had been submitted against them.

Despite the fact that the court removed the previously issued warrants, it replaced them with summonses and instructed that they appear in court on March 23 for plea taking.

According to the charge submitted in court, Cheryl and Munyra Mohamed will be charged with affray in violation of Section 92 of the Penal Code for fighting each other at the reception of the Emara Ole Sereni hotel, which is a public area.