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CS Kagwe’s son Kahush posts gory photo claiming he was kidnapped



A few hours ago, Kahush posted a bloody photo that has worried many Kenyans. In his post on Instagram, Mutahi Kagwe’s son claimed that he had been kidnapped.

His caption read, “To the niggas who kidnapped me yesterday, I know where u live… u should move out.HUNTINGdickheads.”

We tried to reach out to Kahush through his manager to get more details but were unsuccessful.

Many of his meanwhile were worried, while others showed their indifference to his allegation. Some of those comments are below;

Pole G 🙏🏿

Get well soon


Bro utafanya tuongezewe carfew na mokoro wako 😂😂😂😂

Release some new music bro acha maneno

Ifikie Kagwe…😢

Tell me this is just roll out for some shit😐

Kwani ni kesho ✅

Tusomewe kwa brief statement na baba yako 😂😂

Ifikie Mzae😂😂

Kidnapped dropping today at 2😂😂😍

Ati scheming scheming

Kidnapped dropping today at 2😂😂😍

Kwani kahush was doing the alcohol challenge 😂😂

Its Ngori SZN😭😭😭

Yan huezi achilia ngoma mpka ushtue DCI 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Make a song about it then

😂🔥tunangojaa hyo wimbo

Pole bro.


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