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CS Kindiki visits Mackenzie’s house in Shakahola



By Wanja Waweru

On May 25, 2023, interior cabinet secretary (CS) Prof Kithure Kindiki paid a visit to the home of controversial preacher Paul Mackenzie in Shakahola, Kilifi county.

Mackenzie lived in a disorganized mud grass thatched home that resembled a garbage dump, according to pictures provided by the CS.

There were things all over the place, and there were garments all over the floor, showing that the run-down house was a hive of activity.

The CS confirmed that the search operations across the forest proceeded without interruption in a statement and declared that the State would build security roads inside the ranch to improve the efficiency of the search for those still trapped in the forest.

“The search and rescue efforts at Shakahola forest continue uninterrupted. The Government will construct security roads within Chakama Ranch to enable the ground troops comb the expansive forest and combine forces with the team conducting aerial surveillance to ensure any person still holed up in the thickets is rescued.

“Visited part of Shakahola Forest where rogue preacher Mackenzie was residing, constructed dams for irrigation and was growing various food crops despite radicalising his followers to starve to death,” the CS said.

Earlier, the CS oversaw the postmortem of additional 129 bodies that had been exhumed.

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