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Daddy Owen ends search for Kienyeji wife



By Wanja Waweru

The traditional (Kienyeji) bride that gospel musician Owen Mwatia, also known as Daddy Owen, had been looking for has now been found, and Kenyans online seem to know who the lucky one is.

The well-known singer claims to have already located the fortunate woman and is about to inform her of his intentions.

“When I shoot I never miss and when I miss it is by design. I plan to fall in love with someone’s daughter in 2023. But she doesnt know as yet. She thinks we are just friends. She doesnt know what’s about to hit her!! Sharpshooter,” the musician wrote.

Even while he refrained from specifying who the lucky woman was, internet users have immediately assumed that she is Eve Mungai, with whom he has just been pictured.

In 2022, under pressure to be remarried after divorcing his wife, Owen started looking for a Kienyeji wife.

He admitted that his mother had complained about him roaming about his house alone and had even advised him to seek help if the worst happened.

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