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Deputy Speaker to MPs: I’m tired of counselling your mistresses




Ugandan Deputy Speaker, Anita Among has sternly warned male legislators againts siring children outside wedlock.

Ms Among issued the warning during a heated plenary session in which lawmakers debated Vice President Jessica Alupo’s statement.

Ms Among said: “I am tired of counselling women who come here (to Parliament) with children. It is the MPs who impregnate these girls and they abandon them. Just imagine this girl is your kid, daughter, and someone irresponsibly impregnates and does not take care [of her].”

The statement was tagged to the national campaign against defilement, early marriages and failed parenthood.

She revealed that several women throng her office and precincts of Parliament with children, forcing her to offer counselling sessions.

She added: “I have [previously] said that if you are not responsible, go and conduct a DNA [test] and free yourself.  Otherwise, we don’t want to shame or mention your names.”

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