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Did caning by teachers kill Form One student caught cheating in exam?



A Form One student from Nandi County passed away on Sunday at a local hospital, only a few days after he reportedly was caned by teachers at his new school.

Kevin Kiptanui, 16, enrolled at Chemase Secondary School in Tinderet Sub-County last week. According to accounts from his family, Kevin was reportedly caught copying answers during a Physics exam on Friday night.

Two of his instructors gave him cane blows as payment for his misbehavior. But when Kiptanui passed out in the staff area soon after the beating, panic broke out. Teachers allegedly rushed him to the Chepsese dispensary after he reportedly started vomiting blood.

His severe internal injuries were discovered by the on-duty nurse, who then sent him to Nandi Hills Level Four Hospital, where he passed away two days later.

Kiptanui is said to have told his mother about the incident when he recovered consciousness at the Chepsese dispensary just before he passed away. He claimed that in addition to caning him, the instructors also kicked him in the stomach.

The child also claimed that after the teachers beat him, he began bleeding at the school. He spoke very slowly, according to his mother and the caregiver who cared for him.

When he passed away, his mother was by his bedside.

Police have started an investigation into his death and the circumstances surrounding the incident that has puzzled many.

No arrests have been made so far.

Nandi County Police Commander Joseph Kavoo said on Monday that investigators have been dispatched to the school and the child’s home to help with the probe. This, he said, will help them determine whether the boy had any underlying medical condition that could have been made worse by corporal punishment.

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“Investigations are on to establish what happened and action will be taken accordingly,” he told Nation on Monday morning.

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