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Digital bus ticketing app BuuPass expands network to Mash Poa



BuuPass, Kenya’s premier digital bus ticketing platform has added Mash Poa to its network of bus operators to bring accessible, safe and convenient travel to key tourist destinations ahead of the Holiday season.

Mash Poa, operating a fleet of 100+ buses in the bustling city of Mombasa, is a key player in the transportation sector and this partnership emphasizes BuuPass’s commitment to putting customer’s first– anticipating and meeting their needs with tailored solutions that keeps them in control and ensures that they can enjoy hassle-free travel to choice destinations.

With the seamless integration of Mash Poa into the BuuPass platform, long queues and last-minute availability concerns often associated with the Holidays as travel demands soar are firmly a thing of the past, as BuuPass provides real-time information on routes, schedules, and ticket availability, ensuring customers can now effortlessly book Mash Poa bus tickets from the comfort of their homes or while on the move.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Mash Poa to make travel not only convenient but also safe for our customers. We pride ourselves on being attentive to our customers’ needs and delivering on-demand solutions and this collaboration with Mashpoa is another demonstration of that commitment. As we approach the holiday season, travel demands are set to soar, especially to popular destinations such as Mombasa and our partnership with Mash Poa will ensure that our customers have access to a reliable and extensive network of buses.”Sonia Kabra, Co-founder at Buupass, says.

Mash Poa becomes the first among BuuPass’s network of bus operators serving key routes along Nairobi, Mombasa, and Malindi Roads. Mash Poa also operates along Kisumu, Malaba, Kampala and Busia as some of their most popular routes. Customers can now effortlessly book Mashpoa’s services through the BuuPass platform, enjoying the convenience of a user-friendly interface and a diverse range of travel options.

With a focus on safety and efficiency, Mashpoa is positioned as an ideal choice for travelers seeking a secure and comfortable journey. The partnership between BuuPass and Mashpoa not only enhances travel options but also reinforces the commitment to customer satisfaction.

As the holiday season approaches, BuuPass invites travelers to experience the convenience and reliability of booking Mash Poa buses through its platform. With this strategic alliance, BuuPass continues to lead the way in reshaping the travel industry in Kenya, providing innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of its customers.

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County News

MPs decry delay of Mt Kenya projects



Two Members of the Parliament from the Mt Kenya region have raised concern over the delay in the completion of the Mau Mau link road.

Kangema MP Peter Kihungi and his Juja counterpart George Koimburi on Sunday asked Treasury to release funds for the completion of the road that links Murang’a, Kiambu, Nyeri and Nyandarua counties.

They said that in the recent supplementary budget, the amount allocated to the road was slashed from Sh280 million to Sh175 million.

They said the Jubilee administration had allocated the project Sh4.5 billion and substantial work had been done on the ground. Kihungi said road is of immense economic importance to the local community and the country. “Residents are very much concerned about the progress of the road.

The construction during the previous government was going on well and we are worried since in the current budget Sh280 million was allocated but when it came to the supplementary budget the money was cut by more than half to Sh175 million which can hardly do much,” said Kihungi. Koimburi (pictured) said they promised their people that the Mau Mau Road would be completed once the Kenya Kwanza government assumed office.

“We want to ask the Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen to ensure money is allocated for roads being done in Mt Kenya. Residents are eagerly waiting for completion of these roads which are expected to spur the local economy,” he said

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Ex-Uhuru PS decries state of JKIA, terms it ‘makeshift warehouse’



Former Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs Ambassador Macharia Kamau has expressed disapproval of the condition of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

Macharia claimed in an X statement that it might be disheartening for visitors to JKIA, particularly those from affluent nations, to arrive after a journey overseas.

He claimed that once inside the airport terminal, which resembles a temporary warehouse, the situation only becomes worse.

The former PS said that getting into the terminal gives one the feeling of “living in the stone age” period.

“Sometimes one arrives home from an international trip, say from Dubai, and one looks out the window of the plane at the depressing & chaotic urban sprawl and then gets into the makeshift warehouse that is the terminal & one just wanna weep. It’s like we are still in the Stone Age,” Amb Macharia said.

His comments coincide with the discovery of a roof leak in one of JKIA’s recently rebuilt terminals.

Henry Ogoye, Managing Director of the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA), claims that throughout the past ten years, the airport’s facilities and infrastructure have not been adequately upgraded.

“…even temporary interventions became permanent solutions hence the current state of affairs in service disruptions,” he said.

He, however, said the government has commenced the process of addressing infrastructure development of the facility.

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Stop complaining!! Atwoli tells off Kenyans lamenting about high cost of living



Francis Atwoli, the head of the Central Organization of Trade Unions, has reprimanded Kenyans who have been grumbling about high taxes and living expenses.

Atwoli said that President William Ruto made it very clear what he intended to do during the 2022 presidential races in a video obtained by the Star.

He claimed that Ruto had made it plain that he wanted to create the nation with the help of every Kenyan.

According to Atwoli, Ruto is currently urging Kenyans to provide resources so that he may carry out his pledge to build the nation.

“Even currently, people are complaining of the high cost of living, price of things has gone up, oh we voted for this government but better William Samoei Ruto. He was very clear when he was campaigning. He told you wewe mama mboga, wewe mtu wa boda boda and everybody that this government will build with you,” he said.

“Sasa ukiambiwa leta mbao, leta jembe, let vitu tujenge hii serikali unarudi nyuma unasema heri tungepigia Raila Odinga. (When you are told to bring wood and a plow to help build the country, you go back and start saying you should have voted for Raila Odinga)”

It’s time for Kenyans to recognize that some things are unchangeable, according to Atwoli.

He went on to say that it’s time for them to concede that Ruto is in command and give him time to carry out his national agenda.

“We must accept for him to implement his agenda because there are some situations you cannot change for either five years or 10 years.”

Atwoli is among the influential Kenyan leaders who strongly campaigned against President William Ruto.







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